Thanks for the Kind thoughts, the year is making a turn-around!

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  1. Well the last week or so has been good.
    Got My SVO Out today and got to drive it around some, so that was really nice.

    Got a couple Job offers and accepted one, I am going to be a courrier for one of the large local Delivery companies.
    Decent M-F Hours,I get to be back on my feet more, and I will be making a Lot More than I was before :)

    Weather has been Decent, so Jillian and I have been able to hit the park almost every night after I pick her up from daycare, and she is loving it.

    My daycare Provider needs some drywall work and othe rminor home repair done, and she is hoping to trade my labor for free daycare, so that will help also!

    Plus we have made major strides in getting this house ready to be on the market, and I close on my new house in the next few weeks!

    Just wanted to update everyone, Thanks for all the kind thoughts/prayers, things are turning around!
  2. Awesome, im glad to hear! :)
  3. Good to hear, man.
  4. Excellent. :nice: See, things can't be all bad. :)

  5. Things always turn around in the end.
  6. Glad to hear it, but still praying for ya! :nice:
  7. That's excellent news, man! Be sure to stay in touch.
  8. Is that what they call it in your neck of the woods? :D

    Glad to hear it's getting better for ya.
  9. LOL! Well, she is Just a few years Older, Single, Blonde and Hot!!!

    One of my Buddies that was with me one day to drop Jillian off, said the want for me to do House work sounds like the begining of a "dear Penthouse" Letter :)

    Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts again, Today was my first day, Feels good to be on my feet again.
    Only Bad thing is I will Miss WFC for sure :(
  10. yeah I was wondering that notice he didn't answer it directly...

    Things always come around.
  11. Yeah, he could have at least said she asked him to clean out her pipes :spot:

  12. I am glad to see that things are improving, nothing like a turbo to make you life better eh?

  13. Glad to hear things are looking up for you.
  14. Hey i AM the Plumbinator after all! I thought it was Implied!!!

    I will get some pics at some point and post the video up for sale :nice:
  15. why were you down b4? Sorry Im fairly new :p
  16. No Problem.
    I was down due to:
    (this has been since Feb)
    Lost my Job of 5 years
    a bunch of other little crap..

  17. Hey Jay, I thought I was going to WFC for sure but I have decided to sit it out this year. I realized it made more sense to stay home and take that $300 it would cost me to go to WFC, and use it to finish my engine that I really wanna get done for the Turbo Coupe. Plus, nobody I know is gonna be there this year anyway.

    Did I mention I really want to get that engine done (Turbo coupe is burning oil like mad)