Thanks to a drunk, I'm car shopping. Help!

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  1. Well, haven't posted in a while but figured I'd be able to grab some opinions! My 08 GT got rear ended by a drunk back in September and totaled out, so I'm in the market for a new hooptie. I know I want new this go around, my previous baby was an 08 premium flame red with red leather with 19,500 miles. She had a cai, sct tuner, and a ford racing short shifter. I absolutely loved that car...anyways, finally got settled with my good old insurance company, and I've decided I'm buying brand new. I'm looking at a brand new 2011 premium (yeah, I know 2011 brand new, strange find). The dealer is trying to throw it at me for $25,000 and it is nice, black with the grayish/tan and black interior. The other dealer I'm looking at has a brand new '13 got to have it green (I do love the color) base model with the 19" rims, brembo brake package, security package, and cloth. My price out the door there is $31,250. I live the color and options of the new one, but I like the leather in the '11, not to mention I could add a few small toys right away on the 2011. Need some thoughts here!
  2. Personally...

    I'm not a fan of leather seats that are not heated/cooled. I don't know what portion of the country you're in so you have to make that call. I'm also someone who holds on to cars forEVAR! With that in mind, it's another mark against leather interiors unless you're somone who is religious about cleaning and protecting the seats.

    The last thing are payments and warranty. I would hazard to guess that the 13' is going to be the better value. The factory warranty is longer (so long as you're not modifying the crap out of it), the interest on the new car will likely be lower, and payments will probably be the same as a result.

    So do the loan amortization and see which vehicle will end up costing you more in the long run. Predict what both cars will be worth at the end of the payment schedule. I would hazard to guess that whn it's paid off, that the 13' will still be the better value.
  3. I'd be inclined toward the 13, Noobz pretty much nailed it.
  4. You can buy leather take offs from Roush in the $200-300 range front and back
  5. no question...GHIG FTW! Love that color :drool:
  6. If this is correct, then this makes your decision a real no-brainer.... 13!
  7. Looks like the 13 is the way to go. Waiting for jan 3rd to roll around to see if the rebates get better or not. Not a big fan of tag renewals in December either! Fate will decide for me. If only I had another $15000. Ghig boss coming in a couple weeks!