That Awsome Mustang Sound.

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  1. I have a 2004 mustang gt manual tranny, And I'm unsure which cans to put on it Borla, Mac or flowmasters plz help, thanks.
  2. I had Flowmasters on my 90 with a Magnaflow catted H pipe. This one is Steeda (which I read somewhere was made or developed by Borla, not sure if that is true) and MRT catted H. For everyday living and regular longer drives, I could not be happier. I have gotten numerous compliments on its old school musclecar sound.
    In both cases, changing the midpipe had as much to do with the sound I was after as did the catback. I also have had a Borla catback and Magnaflow catback in the past and was very happy with them too.
    Of everything we do to our cars, exhaust is the most subjective in my opinion. A good friend had the Mac prochamber and Mac mufflers (not sure which ones). The car sounded great outside, but was obnoxious inside. We literally could not have a conversation on the highway. I have always gone for loud enough to make me smile but still hear myself think on long drives. Good luck.
  3. You WILL get sick of Flowmasters. I had them for a while with my off road xpipe. It was cool at first but the excessive noise started to bother me. You get tired of hearing them ALL THE TIME. It was exhausting... no pun intended.

    Now running Borla Stingers with the same xpipe. Also added mid length headers to mellow out the sound a bit. Love my setup now. Sounds a little more on the exotic end of the spectrum than the muscle car. If I popped an H pipe in there it would sound like a muscle car.

    I have no experience with Mac.
  4. Magnaflow.
  5. I never get sick of hearing mine. Flowmasters and off-road H. Especially, with the top down. IMO it's the off-road X pipes that cause the noise issue with the chambered mufflers. I had an off road X and flows on my 96' GT as my first combo. figured I would try something new since I had flows and a Max off road H on my 87'. I hated it. Took it off a week later and put a BBK H on.

    Everyone had their own idea of what they like though. I would google Mustang sound clips and listen for yourself.
  6. I'm going to toss in my vote for SLP, I love the sound of SLP LM1's with their catted X-pipe. At full throttle it sounds extremely nasty and you wont have to worry about the raspy/poppy nature b/c of the cats. Offroad X-pipes are a little too much noise, and are entirely too raspy for my taste. After listening to literally hundreds of Youtube exhaust videos for Mustangs I would also consider the Borla S type catback system, but you'll definitely have to spend a little more on that one.