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  1. As some of you know, my 1989 5.0 Coupe was stolen last April. Got it back at the end of August but there wasn't much left of it. Well yesterday, thanks to my friend Paul, the biggest obstacle was overcome. Finally got the rear end back in the car! Here is how it went:

    First of all, it's kind of tough to get anything done when you have nothing to go on. So, I bought the bolts for it ahead of time... unbeknownst to me, they were the wrong ones... also, no nuts so, I ran around for the first few hours trying to get what I needed. Fortunately, I had a friend that has 5 GALLON PAINT BUCKETS full of Mustang bolts. So he had the extra long bolt I needed for the lower control arm. Also, Autozone had the nuts... 12MM 1.75

    Made sure everything was right before putting the rear end in position:
    View attachment 232845

    View attachment 232846

    Because yeah, it's not easy to lift with one guy and one girl. Of course my friend Paul did all the REAL lugging!

    Then put in the shocks:

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    View attachment 232848

    View attachment 232849

    View attachment 232850

    They just bolted right in!! Got non-adjustables because I don't want to have to futz with a whole lot. One of these days, if I change my mind, I go for broke and buy a sweet set. For now though, the KYBs will be just fine.

    Then slid the rear end into place... thank goodness had two jacks as it made the job way easier.

    Found that bolting in the upper and lower control arms to the car first was the easiest way to go. Started with the uppers:

    View attachment 232851

    Then moved to the lowers. Also, got Energy Suspension rear spring isolator kit... good stuff. Can't WAIT to get the Master kit! Used the jack to move everything up into place, then bolted it in.

    View attachment 232852

    Bolted in the shocks:

    View attachment 232853

    Then the sway bar:

    View attachment 232854

    View attachment 232855

    BAM!! DONE!! It's a car again!

    View attachment 232856

    HALLE FRIGGIN LUUUU YA!! It still has no breaks but hey, small steps! I am just ECSTATIC it's out of the front yard, and off blocks!! **cabbage patch**

    I need to clean up the rear end a little bit... had some guys lay down some tile and they were MESSY!! I hope it'll come off. I gotta say, that having no trunk in it, made this job a LOT easier! IT was also a lot less complicated than I thought it would be. Now on to getting a trunk welded back in it!

    Next weekend, gonna hit a couple of junk yards and try and find something.

    To be continued...
  2. nice work, should be in talk though
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  4. Right on!! Progress is progress!
  5. Is this the orange stang that was stolen in florida? If so I remember when you sent a shout out to look for it. Did they strip it pretty good? That really sux ig was stolen, but glad you got her back!
  6. Thanks!!

    Fudge! Sorry! I thought I had it in the right place!

    I is a happy camper!!

    YUP! It sure is! Yeah they did! All that was left of it was the two front seats, half of the rear panels in the interior, the body panels and only a few misc parts. It was totally gutted. But hey, I got the body!

    Bought a new complete engine, and the entire rear suspension. Still got a bit to go but, it's coming along. I hope it doesn't take too long. We'll see!! I am very happy I got it back to. Now, I get to do all things I have wanted to! It does stink because it's difficult to find interior parts.
  7. 1 glad to see you got your car back i remember reading about that. 2 your making great progress most ppl would just buy a new car when in that situation but obviously that car means alot to you. cant wait to see the finnish!
  8. About time you got the thread going! good start on your project. Did you cut the trunk out for this or was there rust issues with it or did the thief do it?
  9. Awsome progress and awsome you got it back!So any idea what they did with the car? Just chop shop it? Where did the cops find it at?If you didnt clean and hide the wires before it was stolen?Nows the perfect time!peace

  10. Glad you have the car back, and good to see it's getting put back together.
  11. Holy awesomeness!!! Great to see it back up on wheels!
  12. Awesome keep it going!
  13. Yeah I know... the car DOES mean a lot to me. I mean... looking at it the way it was with no rear end was pretty overwhelming. Now, it doesn't look so bad. I mean, I do have all the fenders and the bumpers so, it really isn't horrible. We'll see what happens!!

    Thanks! And I agree! I have had the parts for a few weeks now and have been wanting to get it done. But since the Holidays were in full swing, it was kind of hard.

    No, the thief did that. I have NO CLUE why. My trunk had NO rust in it whatsoever! :( So, I need to get that repaired. Gonna try and find something here within the next week or so from a junk yard. Since a hatch, vert, OR a coupe will work, it shouldn't be too hard!

    Thank you! IT'S A MIRACLE!! :D Well, they gutted it... you can see what they did to the trunk, interior was gone, motor, and everything else. All I had was an empty block, heads from a 68 or 69 Ford (which means someone out there is missing something REALLY valuable), the two front seats, upper and lower intake (that aren't mine), the transmission, and the two side panels of the interior (which aren't complete). Not much to go on but, the entire body is there.

    The cops actually found it in the thief's yard... just a regular cop doing some snooping because he saw an orange Mustang all apart and checked it out. The guy that stole it lived about two miles from me. So he is in jail right now... because he was on BAIL from another grand theft auto AAAND when they arrested him for my car, he had a firearm on him. So he is hopefully looking at some time. I actually have a depo in a few weeks... I hope they don't get the charges down to possession... the probably will because I didn't see the guy steal my car. **hopes for the best**

    Thank you!! I still feel like I was hit by a truck today because I used muscles I didn't even know I had... Who needs a gym?!?! Gym SHMYM!! ^_^
  14. Thanks! I am REALLY happy that I don't have to worry about rackin up tickets from code enforcement! OYE!! Also, this is the beginning... It's like I set up a bunch of dominoes and now it's time to watch it all fall! WEEE!

    Oh man... I'm tellin' ya!! It was really sad to see it like it was. And it was SOOOO easy to get done! AMAZING!! What's even better is, after it is all said and done, I abd this thread is going to be a Fox desk reference!! I can see it now...

    **brings car to the mechanic and tells the mechanic what the problem is**
    Yeah, that is if I have to BRING it to one!!

    Oh fo sho!! Thanks!
  15. Good job so far!

    I like those rims:nice:

    Did the trunk floor pan get destroyed from the trans or engine in the trunk?

    Keep moving forward!:nice:

  16. Thanks Scott!! Those are temporaries till it is all done... then I am going to get some really nice rims for it.

    No... the thief drilled that out. I have NO CLUE why... There was only one small spot of rust in it. **shakes head** It doesn't make any sense.

    Will do!! ^_^
  17. dont let the momentum stop, keep on truckin
  18. I friggin HATE thieves! Hope someone is stealing his anal virginity in the cage

    KARMA IS A PAIN IN THE ASS! pun intended

    Nice progress, keep it comin :nice:
  19. Glad you got it back! Mine was stolen from me as well and returned in similar, altho nowhere near as stripped condition. I applaud your willingness to not give up on your baby, keep it up, its worth it in the me!