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  1. Oh I won't... I just need to recover a little financially. Money has been REALLY tight! This weekend is a payday so I am gonna see what I can get accomplished after the bills I skated on a little are paid.

    Me too man. This guy is the worst too because he is in his 30's and still stealing cars. Which means he has made a career out of it. **shakes head** I hope something can finally be done to put this guy out of business. As it is now, my case is the only thing keeping him in the clink. Some of the other charges he was facing were pretty flimsy and have been dropped. :( The system is so screwed up man...

    Thank you... Woah! REALLY? How long was it gone, how long did it take you to put it back together, etc.? Got pictures? Did they catch the guys that stole it? Any suggestions or advice you can give me? Oh man.

    There is no way I would give up on it unless it was crushed... I loved that car from the first moment I sat behind the wheel. I am really happy it came back because I would be looking for it till the end of time.

    I was worried that it might not turn out right and really worried that I just won't be able to pull it off... but, I am going to hang tough. I have hung in there this long. Just by the few things I have done thus far, I KNOW it's going to be better than when it was taken. Which is awesome! I just hope it doesn't take a millennia because I don't have a whole lot of extra cash to play with. I actually had planned on trying to buy a house this year... was saving to do that. Unfortunately, this car stealing business threw a monkey wrench in that dream. :( I am still gonna try the best I can! So yeah, I got a LOT on my plate!
  2. nice job so far but even better username too funny i like your sense of humor
  3. Why thank you!! Oh man... if it wasn't for a sense of humor I would have gone NUTSO!!

    I am WAAAAY stoked because a friend of mine just called me and said that he just bought a notch parts car. This means I might have a COMPLETE interior... FINALLY!! I am going to go look at it tonight and see if it is gouged up at all. I hope it is in decent shape. He said it doesn't look pretty BUT, I can stain it so it WILL look pretty! **cabbage patch** Wish me luck guys!!
  4. any updates on the build
  5. Hey chickn, since you have to weld up your trunk anyway, how about some mini tubs?
  6. YUP!! It's about to REALLY take off! I am hoping to have it back on the road by April! WOOO HOOOOOOO!

    Mmmmm! Tubs... that sounds awesome BUT with mini tubs comes BIG tires... It would REALLY be a money pit then!! I am gonna stick with fairly stock because big tires, big rims, larger wheel wells... I don't have too much money to play with so I gotta keep it low key. .
  7. nice the stangs looking good cant wait to c it finished. now what r your plans for the motor mods etc?
  8. Thanks!! Got a bit to go but took a BIG first step!

    Well, I was really happy with it stock... since I had that lifter making noise before it was stolen I KNEW the day was looming where I would have to rebuild. I decided at that time, I would put aluminum heads, maybe some tricked out rocker arms, and leave it mostly stock. The car IS a DD after all!

    I got REALLY fortunate recently because a friend over at Mustang Specialties told me about an engine that he built a few years back that was being sold. The engine only had about 2,000 miles on it (the Stang was only driven to shows) and the guy that owned the car decided he wanted to put a stroker in it and just had this engine sitting around. He was getting ready to list it on Craigslist... I knew right then and there this was IT so I decided to get ahead of myself a little and JUMP on it!

    To make a long story short, the owner took the lifters, the rockers and a few minor parts off that engine to put on his new stroker... and sold me the old engine. It has aluminum heads, a few minor mods and is otherwise stock... which is EXACTLY what I wanted. It's not gonna be ridiculously blow doors off fast, just a little badder than stock... Which is fine with me. New lifters, rocker arms, front cover, damper, oil pan, conv kit, gaskets, harmonic balancer later, DONE! So, it's ready and waiting up at Mustang Specialties to be put back in my car after I get it back from the body shop. **cabbage patch** So I won't have to worry about buying an engine, rebuilding it, or having anything used blow up on me.
  9. It's On Like DONKEY KONG!!

    [FONT= "Courier new"] Well it seems things are finally gonna REALLY start moving here VERY soon! Just did my taxes and I am getting a nice little bit back which means my biggest obstacle (MONEY), will be a little less of a problem. So the countdown is beginning... looks like my goal of having it done in April might not be so crazy after all!

    I really want to get this thing finished so I can move on with my life. It's going on a year and quite frankly, I want to get past it. I just want my car fixed.

    The engine is READY to go, the rear end is back in it... got a lot of the interior, bunch of parts... My BIGGEST problem right now is finding a decent trunk pan. Someone might be able to hook it up this week... He has a Mustang that he is parting out and will get it to me as well as a few other parts.

    Bless everyone that has helped me thus far! I couldn't have done it without you guys! I really and truly couldn't! All the advice, the hook ups, the "make a left instead of right" has been invaluable!

    The NEXT post will be the weld in of the trunk pan! Stay tuned...

    Things are at a total stand still! I am waiting on a trunk pan... I am hoping that will come to me any day now. Also, the guy that was going to paint my can won't get off his hiney and at least come look at the car to give me an estimate.

    I know things like this cannot be rushed but having it just sit there with nothing being done for the last however many weeks really bums me out man. **prays for patience**

    I got the master kit from energy suspension... along with the motor mounts. They are NIIIIIIICE! BUT I am afraid to get started on working on that stuff as I fear the over spray. **sigh** I wish there was SOMETHING I could do to get working on this.

    I did get a Holley Systemax upper and lower intake from someone that parted out their stang... I would like to polish it up and make it really pretty. Someone told me that I should get it bead blasted. I was thinking more along the lines of elbow grease... does anyone have any suggestions??

    I am almost tempted to borrow my neighbor's compressor, borrow a spray gun from someone and start panting the thing myself! **ponders** I wonder how difficult it would be?
  11. dont bead blast it, it wont be very shiny after that, little simichrome metal polish and it will shine right up, and as far as mini tubbing it, since you gotta weld **** up back there might as well tub it now and save for bigger tires later, and i have alot of the energy suspension stuff and its real nice
  12. If you want to learn/think about what goes into a paint job, check out Kevin Tetz's Paintucation - Paint Your Own Car!

    Sorry about your ride getting stolen. Glad you got it back though. I'll be looking forward to some progress pics.
  13. Yeah... I was thinking more along the lines of elbow grease anyway.

    Yeah. I know but, the car is going to be pretty much stock. I don't really want to put bigger tires on it so it would be a waste and I would have less trunk space. The trunks are small enough as it is... I can only imagine how tiny it would be if it were tubbed. =/

    Sweet! Thanks! I will check that out!

    Thanks... me too. I hope something happens here soon! There is a guy that lives down the street from me that restores cars. He even makes a portable spray booth in his yard. I might hit him up and see if he can hook it up. **shrugs**

  14. You wont loose much trunk space and besides you can never have too wide a tire out back, you'll always be able to use it, plus down the line when you can make it go faster and you need the wider tire you'll be happy you did it in the first place

  15. It seems I will lose a LOT of trunk space as the spare tire will take up all that I have in there. I don't want that.

    The car is not gonna be any faster... it's gonna be a girlie streetcar. I don't need to be doing wheel stands on the street ya know? The engine is already built and it is fairly stock. The only way it would be changed to something radical is if I sell it and someone else does it. So I am definitely not keen on the idea of tubbing out the rear end.
  16. hows the stang coming along
  17. Oh man... with that question all that comes to mind is a quote from Army of Darkness "all of Jack and **bleep**... and jack left town". **sigh**

    The waiting game is driving me crazy for sure.

    The trunk pan is really holding me up. Someone was supposed to hook it up but has been too busy to drill one out for me. I still want to have a place to put a spare tire so I am stuck waiting. I have another angle... I spoke with someone today that is parting out a 90 hatch... I am going to get a few parts from him and may be able to get that from him as well. Just gonna wait one more week and then I am cutting bait.

    Also, had the body guy totally flake out on me. So I am back to square one there too. There is a guy that lives down the street from me that restores cars from the ground up as a side job. I spoke with him a couple of days ago and he has a 56 Chevy all apart and taking up most of his shop right now. In a few weeks, he is going to get it out of there and get the engine work done. Once he has space, I am going to tow my car to his shop, and then it's gonna get painted. Since his shop is very close to where I live, I may even swing by on the weekends and help him with some of the prep work. I know how to mud drywall so I can't imagine the little body work that needs to be done would be much different. Apply Bondo... sand... then sand some more... then a little more. Tape it up and BAM... it's ready to go! If I wasn't so scared about how crappy it would turn out, I would do it myself. So I will resolve to just helping wherever I can.
  18. if you were close to me id say come and get the trunk pan outa my parts car but im in palm springs so cal
  19. That is super nice of you!

    I got some good news a couple of days ago... someone locally has a Fox parts car and I will be able to buy the pan from them. I will hopefully have it in the next couple of weeks. The next weekend after I get it, it'll be welded in for sure! After that, it's all down hill. I finally got someone to give me an estimate for the paint (2-step process)... $1,500.00. Not too bad I guess! He JUST finished hooking up another Fox and it looks FABULOUS!