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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by HolyChikin, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Man i'm glad your project is moving forward. It was a sad sight to see your car in pieces. Keep up the good work.
  2. TEE HEE!! YUP! Now just waiting on the trunk pan. That should be a thing of the past within a week! THANK GAWD!

    Me too! It's been bumming me out to have it just sit there. Oh you are tellin' me.... when I first saw it, I was sitting in the parking lot of the tow yard crying like a little pony. I was a sad, sad, girlie! When people offered to help me put it back together... it's like it was the happiest day EVER! I still have a smile from ear to ear when I think about it and that was last September! When it is done... oh man, I can't imagine what it is going to be like. All I know is it is going to be a very happy day indeed! I hope it comes soon!

    Thank you! I am doing my best!
  3. It's looking good. I love the color. For my SVO I'm leaning towards orange, sonic blue or Mopar Curious Yellow (lime green).
  4. Thanks!

    Oh man... those are all such great choices!! I have a friend that has a 93 coupe painted sonic blue... it's FABULOUS! I am totally lovin' that color! AND you don't see it very often on a Fox! Which is AWESOME in my book! I mean... if you think about it, how many black Mustangs are there out there?!? A TON! In my opinion foxes look amazing in really obnoxious bright colors. Lime green (of all shades), school bus yellow, orange, crazy blue... it is ALLLL good! AND they get the most attention! Why because they are different! So I say GO FOR IT!!

    You've got some thinkin' to do... so I would suggest going with which color you like most. Everyone has a favorite color! I went with orange because it's definitely my fave... this means that whenever I look at my car, I fall head over heels every time! Even as bad as it looks now. **drools**

    So good luck and keep me posted as to what you decide! I can't WAIT to see it!!
  5. so hows your car coming?

  6. Nothing has been happening. STILL waiting on the trunk pan! It's driving me CRAZY! I should have one in the next week though. The folks that are parting this other Fox out are almost done with what they have to do.

    I got the trunk pan last weekend! YAY! Now I just have to get it welded back into the car. That should happen in the next week or so. THEN it's off to paint... after that it should go pretty quickly... well at least I hope.
  8. id be doing back flips rite about now lol congrats
  9. Well, I will be doing back flips when it comes back from having the body work done. WHICH WILL BE VERY SOON!!

    I still haven't gotten the trunk pan welded back in it BUT, my body guy knows someone who can do it (as well as weld the sub-frame connectors in). So, he is going to pick it up tomorrow morning! It would have been gone today but, I had a heck of a time getting someone to tow it. First my body guy called AAA, they won't tow unless the car has a tag and is registered; then called someone out of the phone book, as soon as that guy got there he had about 12 kittens because the car is all apart... he wouldn't tow it because he needed to see a title (that's all fine and dandee but the guy that stole it, took the VIN numbers off) so he stormed off; then called someone that was recommended by Mustang Specialties... he would have been there but he got a flat tire. I just couldn't win today! So gonna borrow a truck and a trailer and get it down there tomorrow.

    As soon as I get it back, the hard part is going to start. It's going to be full on in putting it back together! I will have a big BBQ/Beer party/Mechanic fun time.

    It can't come at a better time because I've got parts EVERYWHERE. Parts at work, parts at home, parts at my Mom's house. Good LORD! Let the games begin!!
  10. you can't get a break. stick to it
  11. Yer tellin me! The "welder guy" just gave me a quote of $600 to weld the trunk back in it. **faints** Gonna try and get it worked out. **sigh**
  12. WTF, is your welder a crack addict, i had subframes welded in for 80, cant inmagine it would cost more than $150 to have something like that done
  13. find someone else he's tryin to rip ya a new one

  14. I guess because he thinks times are tough he can jack the price way up to make up for all of the work he isn't getting? Which is just plain messed up. Yeah... times are tough for everyone... they are tough for me too! I don't mind paying for something to be done... but I do mind paying almost three times of what it should cost! UG!!

    Maybe he saw this girl coming along with a screwed up car and maybe thinks she doesn't know anything and can just say whatever price and get away with it? It happens to me a lot... I dunno but whatever the case, it's not cool. That is why I totally had a conniption.... my friend called down there and said he was gonna "choke a mo'fo out if they didn't quit screwing around"... Which was awesome.

    Yeah... I am thinking that too. That is why I have been seriously contemplating pulling the plug on the whole thing and bringing it somewhere else.

    The guy came back with a better price... $350.00 to put it on the frame machine, cut out the piece from the other trunk, weld it in place and weld the seams back together on the passenger's side. It is a lot of work... so that seems like a fair price. I am still worried they are going to do a crap job now though because I freaked out about the $600.
  15. Got any progress pics?
  16. Meh go trunkless

  17. Hmmm... I got some on my phone.


    Basically, the hood and the fenders are back on it, and the body guy is doing his thing (as you can see). Still waiting on the trunk weld... but that should happen soon. The body guy just called me the other day and said it is going to take a little extra time because he is moving his shop. No biggie because I got a lot of things going on right now so I guess it is for the best. I just put in an offer for my first house. WOO HOO! That way, my girl has a nice safe place to come home to. ;)

    A big hole in the trunk huh?!? Where the heck am I gonna put my groceries?!? :rlaugh:
  18. now thats a good woman, go'in and fetch'in dinner! :p

    just kiddin, good luck with getting the house, its nice to have something other than a car thats yours.:nice:

    Thanks! Yeah... I have been trying to get one for a LONG time (I have been working on my credit for about 5 years now). I would have had it already but, this whole car stealing business really set me back. **sigh** It has taken me almost a year to get back on track.
  20. damn it I want updates. forget priorities or the necessities of life such as shelter, build the car!