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  1. UPDATE!!

    FINALLY got the trunk in it! OMG! Am I dreaming?!?! **pinches self** It only took like 7 MONTHS!!


    Anywhoo... the guy that did the weld job messed up and tossed the cross braces for the back seat... so now I have to worry about that. DOES IT EVER END?!?!

    He says that he may be able to fab something... I hope so because I am getting ready to have a heart attack.
  2. sounds like my luck. ditch the seat it only adds weight :)
  3. Photos of the progress??
  4. Progress...

    OMG! I am totally trippin!

    Okay so when the body took the car I told him, I want you to paint the car, the engine bay, the trunk, the interior ALL THE SAME COLOR. Simple no? **makes wrong buzzer sound**

    So I get this picture last night... imagejpeg_3_4.jpg


    I mean... how does this happen? When you go a dealership to look at a new car and open up the hood... you don't see black unless it's a BLACK CAR HULLO! **rips eyeballs out** Why is this happening to me?? **sobs**
  5. You're being too nice. Start screaming and yelling and get your **** done right. On the plus side i know many orange cars similar to yours with a black engine bay. Still not getting what you asked for is bull****
  6. i think it looks good the way it sits. I mean, it is Halloween soon anyway. :D
  7. Ive seen lots of old school and a few newer cars done with black engine bays but if thats not what you asked for and your paying for it then he should have done what you wanted.
    sure thats not some kind of primer?
  8. mines red with black engine bay!!! it doesnt look bad with a clean motor just make the valve coves and intake manny orange and any lil things u can find it will look sweet
  9. I have to say it's nice seeing your progress and that you haven't given up on the car despite multiple setbacks. It'll be done before you know it . I like the black engine bay but if that's not what you asked for you better talk to the painter.
  10. FINALLY!

    I got it back and it looks MEOW!!

  11. Nope... it wasn't primer. I kind of thought that at first too... funny. Anyway, it was a black pearl... **throws up**
  12. Black Engine Bay

    I see a few of you guys have the engine bay done up in black but I just don't like it. To me, it looked like my car was at one time black and had it re-painted orange. Being a "shop rat" over at my Uncle's Body shop, I know the hard way, and the easy way of painting a car... the hard way is taping everything off or removing the engine and squirting down the engine bay to match the car. The easy way is not doing anything.

    Now that it is all the same color, it looks like it came from the factory like that... and even more yummy to me! :nice:
  13. more pictures damnit :D
    car looks good again, whats the status of everything else
  14. Damn girl! I know that its been headache and heartache with this project but i think that your going to come out of this with a fine looking ride! :thumpup:
    What are you going to do for taillights?
    for what its worth, i saw on another forum that lojac is having some kind of special, id bet that the local po po has coverage with them...
  15. looks sweet!
  16. nice job i love the color i think some black 5 lug pony wheels would look great or you can paint the ones you have on the car.
  17. I don't have my phone on me today so I gots no access to my photobucket addresses. **sigh** I will post more up tomorrow for ya.

    Well, I am waiting for the paint to fully cure before I do anything major. After a month or so, I am going to tape all the corners, remove the hood and awaaaaaaaay we go!

    In the meantime, I am going to tackle the interior. Late model Resto has a re-upholser kit as well as new foam for the seats. I am also going to re-finish the panels so they all look the same. I have blue, gray, black... it's totally Frankenstein! Before I hop to it though I just need to call a friend to help me out with the interior wiring before I cover it all up again. Since he also does carpeting, the interior should be done pretty quick. I am just nervous that the dash I have won't work. I have no CLUE what year car it is out of so I am hoping for the best.

    I was tossing around the idea of slappin some sound deadening in there but... it's a Mustang. It's SUPPOSED to be loud. If I wanted quiet, I would have bought a Honda!

    Yer telling me!! It's a WORLD of difference from what I started out with! It looks like a car instead of some sad junkyard piece. Thanks! It is looking pretty much like it did before it was boosted. I am not going through this thinking it is going to be the same... IT'S GONNA BE BETTER!!!! **cabbage patch** New interior, new engine, BETTER paint job all one uniform color, sweet exhaust, totally upgraded suspension... wow! I sometimes daydream about what it is going to be like to finally start it up for the first time and just cruise to just anywhere. :D

    I am just going to get some new stock tail lights. I saw some repros for less than $200.00 (incl. shipping) for the pair. I am gonna cut a few corners here and there on unimportant stuff as I go along. Worst come to worse, I will replace them later if they totally eat it.

    Thanks!! It's been a LONG time coming! I actually got it back a year and a month ago. I had hoped it wouldn't take this long but, the trunk business REALLY set me back. It was worth it because I have a place to put a spare tire. :nice:
  18. you just need a better security system

  19. LOL! That was just too good! And yes... security is totally going to be beefed up! I am in the process of trying to buy a new house and would REALLY like to have a garage. So on top of the other things I am doing to the car (alarm, Lo-Jack, kill switches), having it tucked away inside will help out even more! Of course there will be a security system in the house AAAAND video surveillance so there are going to be a lot of obstacles for any thief to overcome. They would be absolutely CRAZY to try because all of that is BOUND to wake someone up... including the human eating dog I plan to get.

    Anyway... here are some more pictures:





    The best part about all that is I have a trunk!!!!
  20. I was gonna say that's a trunk you have