Build Thread That Chikin's Build Thread!

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  1. Just dont do what other noobs do and start asking about where to put your kill switches, and then show the switches online, those are yours, so dont tell anyone, okay :)
  2. That thing is sitting high, I know it doesn't have interior or an engine, but its up there.

    BTW: Nice job, most people would have just junked it, but it turned out great.
  3. That looks awesome! Competition orange?
  4. Why yes... yes it IS!! BABY HAS BACK!!! **faints**

    Ummm yeah... NO! That is a total bonehead move! I mean... if you are going to blast all over the net where you have your kill switch, it defeats the purpose of having one no?? DER! DER! DERRRRRRRR!!!

    I know EXACTLY where I am putting my kill switch! AND there are only going to be 3 people that know where it is: My mechanic, my boyfriend, and ME. Oh... it's a BRILLIANT place too!! No one will EVER think to look there! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! :lol:

    Yeah... it has brand new Ford Racing Springs in it too! It just doesn't have ANY load on it at all. Once is has everything in it, it won't look as goofy. At least I hope! EEEK! Yer scaring me!!

    Thanks! No, it is actually a Lamborghini orange! When I picked it out about 10 years ago, Ford had a lot of tame (boring) colors. The craziest color they had was yellow. If I was going to do yellow it would be either like a Mustard or a Schoolbus yellow. I really wanted orange though. I flipped through the Ford book and they had an orange for the Ranger but it was too red. I wanted more like the Comp Orange from days of old... the Lambo color was the closest I could find to it. So ON it went! ^_^

    At first the paint guy was like "are you sure?!?! It's gonna look crazy!" But I told him that if it looks bad, I wouldn't make him paint it again... just go with it. His protests kind of made me worry but, it really came out great! Even he said when it was done that he was surprised how it came out. Since I really like it, I decided to do the same color. Only THIS time... the engine bay is done so it looks even better!
  5. I am amazed at the progress. Your doing a fantastic job! Keep it up.
  6. anyone heard from chickin lately? wonder how the build is coming...
  7. Sorry I have been MIA

    Everything is at a complete standstill because I am trying to buy a house. Mortgage Broker said I can't buy anything or use my credit cards so I am stuck waiting till that is out of the way. **sigh** Trust me... I want to finish the car! Since it is a shortsale, it may be a little bit.

    In a few weeks, I am gonna try and get the wiring done so I can at least get the interior put back in it. The engine is ready and waiting but I want to get the front suspension completely done before the engine goes back in it. So much to do... :shrug:
  8. be patient grasshopper what's a few more years of not driving it?????
  9. If I have to wait any longer (especially a few more years) I am gonna be a friggin BASKET CASE! I might as well just hang it up. The engine has been ready to go for almost a year now. The paint has been finished for at least 5 months... more than enough time has passed. It is time to get it FINISHED!!

    Trust me, there is nothing in the world I want more than to finish that car... it's even more important that buying a house. WAAAAAHHHH! If this house business doesn't happen soon, I am pulling the plug because I am just over it. It has been nothing but disappointment from the get go.
  10. Everything falls into place if you let it. Relax and think positive thoughts.
  11. Wanna fly out and finish mine :)

  12. Yup! That's what I am trying to do. Getting a bit excited though because I see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully it isn't a freight train! LOL! Anyway... I may have a little cash to play with here in the next 3 weeks or so which means... GAME ON!!

    Does a bear poop in the woods and wipe his hiney with a bunny rabbit?!?! UMM YEAH! If I knew someone that was building locally, I would jump on helping them with all fours!!!! That way I can get a little practice and a little know how under my belt to tackle my project!
  13. Updates!

    Missed you guys!!

    Well, waiting has finally paid off! Finally got her in the shop! When it was being towed, I had a smile from ear to ear. Was imagining pushing in the clutch and giving it a start up... hearing the rumble of the exhaust, the sweet smell of juiced up gas... **snaps out of it** :D

    Well, the front suspension has been completely GUTTED. No more hanging this... missing that... shredded, what IS that thing there?!? Got a K-Member going in, have the full Poly kit from energy suspension, a brand new rack, bumpsteer kit from UPR... baby is on a diet!! Lost an amazing 500 lbs!! I wish I could lose this stubborn 10 lbs. as easily! Crap... I just made myself sad...

    Just bought a new fender apron pair because on one side it is a mess. Got them from Late Model Resto (that site has become my bible)... No more orange painted rust! I for sure will not be ashamed of opening my hood! It is amazing how this car as turned around and this is only the beginning! :nice:

    I will post some progress pictures sometime tomorrow. Keep forgetting to snap with the tele. I know... fired!

    Then, next week we are gonna do the brakes!! Just got drilled and slotted rotor kit from GAWD they are sexy!! Also got drilled and slotted 13" rear rotors... it's a gonna be AWESOME! Can you say... stop on a dime? PAH POW!!
  14. I love your enthusiasm. Can't wait for some pics.
  15. haha good to hear you're still at it!
  16. I was wondering how your build was going. get those pics up!
  17. Yes definitly get some pics up!I'm glad they painted the enginebay to match the body instead of leaving it black!!Also what all are you going to do about the vin number's and a title since he removed them?You say them?How many are on the car?All in all man it's looking awsome if you do all your work you are awsome as well!BTW what state do you live in and you say shop?Did you buy a house with one???? peace

  18. Definitely not doing my own work! I wish! Unfortunately the damage that was done to the car is WAY beyond what I can do. I can do basic reparirs, change the oild, do tune ups and that is about it. It is still impressive for a girl!!

    Anywhoo... the VIN numbers. That's a can of worms there. I actually have to bring the car to the DMV and they will put a sticker on the door. Unfortunately, I will not have VIN numbers on the dashboard... which is where cops look when you get pulled over. I hope I don't get in trouble for driving my own car. **sigh** As for the title, I assume I have to get an updated one. Not sure how that is going to play out as I have never had to do anything like this before.

    Well, here are some progress pictures! Got the fender aprons on! Look ma! No holes

    View attachment 173463

    Once they are painted to match the car, the suspension is going in. Got another problem (nothing can ever go smoothly)... the paint on the roof of the car is cracking. I am pretty ticked off about it because I paid good money to get the car painted. The guy used cheap paint so it will only last a year if I am lucky! As you can imagine, I am on the verge of going ballistic!
  19. UPDATE!

    Lots have things have happened over the last few months... got the engine bay painted (that was a serious hassle), got the K-member in, New rack, got a new steering shaft from flamingriver, got the new drilled and slotted rotors on, new brake lines, Master cyl. booster, calipers. It's shaping up!

    View attachment 165042

    View attachment 165043

    Had to get a new sway bar because the tow people bent the be-jesus out of the one that was on there. Just got new weather stripping, gonna get the doors all tight with new hinges. Plugging along!!
  20. Ive been gone a year and you still arent driving it yet? Boo