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  1. this cars going to be mint when you get done
  2. nice work! your car is looking better everytime I see it. keep up the good work.

  3. Looks like you may have your rotor on the wrong side....Thats a driver side rotor and not sure, but it looks like it's on the passenger side. The flutes won't do their thing if they are installed backwards...they'll pull the hot gasses in instead of centrifugally expelling them. Trying to help-don't shoot me!

    Nice car btw...:nice:
  4. Nah... I won't shoot ya! I will make sure and check it out before it goes anywhere.
  5. Well, a lot has happened since I last posted an update. Got the engine and transmission in it, got the fuel system in it (the gas tank was a **bleeeeeeep**!), fully finished up the brake system (still have bad dreams about looking for banjo bolts), even got some of the cooling system in! Had a HECK of a time trying to find all the bolts I needed. Bolts and brackets have been the hardest part of this whole thing. Thankfully Totally Stainless has an engine bolt/stud kit. Less than $100.00 and DONE! **So if you want some bling for your ride, give those guys a call! Don't forget the anti-sieze!!

    Still got QUITE a ways to go but, I am so close I can smell the fuel burning. Here are some pictures.

    View attachment 150448

    Engine is primed and ready to go!!

    View attachment 150449

    Got the Mishimoto radiator kit from LateModel... those fans are EPIC!! One fan hooked up to a power source and it was like air conditioning in the engine bay. **makes a note to get a 130 amp alternator**

    View attachment 150450

    decided I wanted to cut down on as much weight as I can so I got this bad boy from Summit... and naturally, a poly transmission mount from Energy Suspension

    View attachment 150451

    Those are 13-inch rear rotors. Painted some stock 1999 calipers to match the fronts and DONE!! Still need to get the e-brake kit from LateModel. :/

    View attachment 150452

    Carpet is in, dash is in, steering wheel, OMG PEDALS!! It's almost like a car again! Still need to get a new cluster (going to get the guage cluster from Florida 5.0... RAWR), directionals/windshield wiper thingie, the rear package tray and the headliner. Going to re-paint the panels and get those few (EXPENSIVE) things and then the interior will be DONE! Still going to re-finish the seats in leather... I got a good price quote just a hundred more than the re-upholster kit from LateModel is... so I am going for it.

    Well... here she is!! Rims, headlights, tailights, a few other things are still on my "to get list" but, it's looking pretty good so far!

    View attachment 150453

    I need to get that fender lined up properly, need pulleys, mass air, exhaust, new and better valve covers, a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff to even start it for the first time. But, while the engine was being primed, I heard it go bump bump bump... sounded GOOD!! :D

    Of course the last few weeks NOTHING has happened because I am flat BROKE. Been working on things that don't cost a whole lot... am in the process of refinishing the quarter windows. Would have been finished with them last weekend but it rained BUCKETS the entire weekend and all the way up until yesterday. So hopefully, it will stay a little sunny this weekend long enough for me to plop a done stamp on them.

    View attachment 150454

    It's amazing the turn around this thing has done. Still can't erase what it looked like before outta my head but, hopefully with time, it will fade. Look guys!! I have a CAR!! **happy chair dance**
  6. Car looks awesome. Cant wait to see it finished.
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  7. Thanks Jarrod... a lot of parts that are on it are from LateModel! You guys are the reason I am BROKE!! LOL!
  8. looks sweet needs a trunk monkey though for safe keeping :)
  9. I am thinking RABID trunk monkeys armed with sharp objects.

    Thanks! Going to get the Lo-Jack Early warning system, a KILLER alarm, and a kill switch. Might be a tad overkill but, I don't want this thing going anywhere!
  10. Don't forget to use your forum discount. There is a thread about it in my vendor area. Check it out if you haven't already.
  11. Been following this one from the get go. You are doing a phenomenal job. Keep it up! Can't wait to see a running vehicle.
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  12. Been following this one from the get go. You are doing a phenomenal job. Keep it up! Can't wait to see a running vehicle.
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  13. yep, If you can get that one back together then thats motivation for me to fix mine. nice work.
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  14. Very nice build. I think the color is awesome. Sure can't sneak up on anyone in that thing!
  15. DISCOUNT?!?! Oh man!! I totally did not know about it! UG!!!
  16. Thanks! MEEEEEE too!! I am foaming at the mouth to start it up for the first time!
  17. you might want to have that looked at!
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  18. Thankies! That said... GET TO IT!! :flag:
  19. Yea man, head over to my vendor forum and there is an entire thread about it.
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  20. Definitely not! It was the original white for a long time. About 10 years ago... some old lady creamed me and said "I didn't see you". I said to her... "it's an ENTIRE car! How could you miss it?!?!" So I fixed it (I also did the five lug/four disc conversion) and painted it this color. You can see it from space now (literally) so I won't have to hear that excuse ever again.

    That color is also a hinderance... went to the dentist (not too long before it was stolen) and was going home from work to recover after. One of my co-workers said she saw my car literally a mile away coming down the street. So I guess I won't ever be able to sneak out of work and go to the beach because EVERYONE will see me. Can't exactly say "Oh... that wasn't me because I was at home sick **fake cough**" because there aren't very many Fox Coupes painted that crazy color.