Build Thread That Chikin's Build Thread!

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  1. OOOOO! Sweet! I FOUND it!!
    Yay! Thanks Jarrod... I will use it from now on!
    Frigg man... bummed I didn't know about it before. Could have used it with all I have ordered. Could have maybe squeezed a few more things in. 'Cest la vie!!
  2. Hey there!

    Finally re-finished my quarter windows. Took me a couple of weekends (because of the weather) but, it's finally done! One window was in HORRIBLE shape... had to build it up quite a bit (spray, sand, spray, sand, spray, sand, spray, OMG) but, now it looks brand new!!

    Going to put them back in the car this weekend. Got the windows nuts from LateModel a few weeks ago, going to get some butyl tape (because the window sealer stuff is a NIGHTMARE) and get it all sealed up! Hopefully, I will do it properly and the windows won't leak all over my brand new carpet. :confused:
  3. So, I got the windows installed. YAY! It was so hot, I was having issues with the butyl tape sticking so I popped it in the freezer for a few minutes... solved!! Unfortunately I dinged them up a little getting them in the house... DANG IT!!!

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  4. Looks good! Cars coming together very nicely!!
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  5. Vey niceah!
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  6. Thanks guys! I wish you were saying "it is coming along quickly". That would RAWK!!

    Ahhhh... well.
  7. its coming along quickly
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  8. LOL! Even funnier that: "It will run someday I swear"
  9. words to live by. Jack stand racing team represent
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  10. Just when I thought things were going good... POW! Right in the kisser!!

    My daily driver is on the fritz... and it isn't something that I can fix. It is a dreaded electrical problem. Was actually picking up the butyl tape over the weekend and noticed the speedo went out while I was on the highway. Didn't think it was that big of a deal at the time (can't drive the putt-putt truck that fast anyway)... thought: "it's probably a fuse... I will look at it later". Parked the Ranger for the weekend (when I opened the door noticed the dome light was out too)... then yesterday, was on my way to work... it was sprinkling a little went to flick on the wipers and NOTHING. Holy Crap! Pulled the #25 fuse and saw it was out... thought I was lucky, replaced the fuse and everything came to life; 10 seconds later... POP. I also saw a puff of smoke billowing out from the dash. FML. Of course today it is raining like crazy. I have no idea what I am going to do. **is screwed**
  11. Let me tell ya... when it rains.. it POURS!! On top of all my troubles, now I am going through a break up. Single life... YUCK! But, hey, I'll be able to save money like a mad woman and get the Stang done! WOOO HOOOOO! Then I won't NEED no stinkin' boyfriend! I will have my girl and it will be ALLLL good! Which means that I am going to start buying parts and naturally have a "Finish This Darn Thing BBQ".
  12. Hah. I just ended a 2 1/2 yr relationship as well on Saturday. But like you said, more money for parts! And I can go to the track this weekend without getting the sigh and "whatever" comment. I hated that one. :nonono:

    With that said, don't you have a stang to work on?
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  13. Sorry to hear that... but, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason! I know because a lot of things that haven't worked out for me actually was a benefit to me later on. Like, in 2010 at this time, I almost bought a house with my boyfriend. I was crushed when it didn't happen... now I know WHY it didn't!

    This relationship I have been in just passed the 6 year mark. It's hard to walk away from that amount of time (I was upset about it for several weeks because it seems I have wasted all this time and effort for nothing) but, he is the one with the problem... not me. Can't worry about other people making mistakes... they just gotta make them and learn from them! The good thing about it is: I won't have to answer to anyone about where I am or what I am doing. I can stay out at the local car show and talk about Mustangs all night if I want! Won't have to worry about coming home at 8:30 to a volcano because someone is ticked they didn't have dinner waiting for them.

    OMG... I DREAM about being able to go to the track with my man! There is nothing better than the smell of burning tires and "go-go juice" (high octaine fuel). **happy sigh** One of these days.

    Why YES! Yes I do... well, after I move this weekend. Then it's GAME ON BABEH!! My first purchase is going to be the pulleys, then I am going to buy something with every paycheck until it is DONE! I am thinking about 2-3 months from now, I will be driving that bad girl!! Well, that is what I am shooting for at least.
  14. Sheesh. Sounds like we were dating the same person. I'd be happy with some one who would at least tolerate going to the track. Unfortunately, it's more of a love it or hate it place. Good luck with everything
  15. Uh hoopty. Have you met chiken? Shes single too. Maybe meet and race. Lol
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  16. Hmmm... maybe my ex and your ex can get together! It will be one happy grump fest!! LOL!

    I would too buddy... my boyfriend is more interested in rolling around with a bunch of sweaty dudes (jiu-jitsu) than hanging out with his girlfriend and working on a Mustang.

    Thanks! Now, I have nothing but time to dedicate to it! It's way more rewarding to work on the Stang anyway. ;)
  17. Hmm, Stangnet is becoming an online dating service? LOL
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  18. No... not for me. Not going to date for a while. Going to have fun, and find myself all over again!

  19. Little advice, just look down. You're right there.

    Hope I saved you some time.
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  20. LOL! No... by finding myself I mean letting that fun girl I used to be out of the box she has been locked up in for the last 5 years. ;) It's going to back to spilling Thai tea on brand new sneakers and getting kicked out of places for laughing too much.
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