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  1. Definitely. Gonna stay off the dating scene for a bit and do my own thing. Aside from my Mustang, I'm an avid fisherman and need to get back into that.
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  2. Fishing is better anyway, bring a six pack with ya so if the fish ain't biting, you can at least catch a buzz!
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  3. YUP! That is exactly what I am going to do too!

    Get over the baggage so you don't DRAG it into the next relationship. In the meantime though, do your thing and if something REALLY good comes along, jump on it with all fours!
  4. Chikin...sorry to go off topic BUT, you mentioned about redoing your quarter windows. You said you sprayed, sanded, sprayed, sanded, sprayed, sanded, etc.

    What did you use to refinish the windows (ie: what did you spray)? Some kind of a filler primer I assume? Just curious as redoing mine is in my near future.
  5. Chikin, I wanted to ask you what you used to restore your quarter window gaskets. Did you just use a high build sandable primer, or what? Mine are in horrible shape and need to do them myself, and yours turned out so beautiful, I want to know what you used.
  6. Boostfrk, we had the same question at almost the exact same time!
  7. I know! I checked this thread again, read your post and thought "holy crap, thats my question exactly!"

    Great minds think alike perhaps?
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  8. I assume so!
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  9. You can use a filler and sand it smooth then use rattle can products. Do a search you'll find all the info you need.
  10. I think this is where the ambiguity lies. I've searched and seen a variety of opinions on "fillers" used. Sometimes it's referred to as a "filler". Other times it's referred to as a "putty". Other times it's a "filler primer". I've seen people say they've sprayed it through a gun via compressed air and others who mention rattle canning it.

    Guess I'm just looking for something specific from someone who has done it.
  11. Ahhh! No you aren't off topic. Here is what I did.

    I got a few things before I started... I got at least three grades of sandpaper ranging from medium to super fine. 100, 220, & 400.

    I also got blue tape and yesterday's news paper.

    Then I got SEM Flexible primer 39133:

    I also got SEM Trim paint 39143:

    I got both from Summit because I had a hard time finding them locally and they were cheaper than anyone else on-line.

    Obviously, I removed the windows. I have read where people leave them on the car but, I wanted to take my time with it and be the OCD freak I was born to be.

    Before I did ANYTHING, I removed all the window sealer... that was a real chore. NOTHING takes this stuff off... not even elbow grease! UG! But you HAVE to get it off to ensure a good seal when you put the windows back in. Then I used some Windex to completely clean the glass and the rubber. Then I cut the news paper to a little smaller than the size of the glass, placed the paper over the glass and taped it up. I used an exacto knife to make sure the rubber wasn't covered by any tape.

    Then, I went to town sanding. I used the 100 grit to smooth all the pitted parts out, Gave any other spots a little sand and then went over it with the 220 grit to get everything a little smoother. Then I dusted everything off. Then I sprayed the trim down with primer and since my windows were pretty bad, I built up in the low spots. I let it dry, sanded lightly with 220 to get it smooth, dusted, then sprayed with primer again. I kept doing this over and over until I could not see anymore pits and the surface was all even. About half way through, I switched the sandpaper from 220 to the 400.

    I let the windows dry for a while in the sun and then sanded the trim very well with 400 to prep for paint. I took special care to make sure the line that goes around the window was visible. You can choose to not do that but, I figure I want it to look like they came from the factory. It wasn't easy but, I got it done. Then after I was done sanding, I made sure to get ALL dust off and shot it down with the Trim paint. I let the paint dry and then did something crazy... I sanded the paint with 440. This made sure it was EXTRA smooth. Then I dusted and shot it again with the trim black. I would keep doing this painting and sanding again until I was satisfied with the out come and one last shot of paint... DONE!

    I think they came out pretty darn good. The second window came out better than the first one... I was getting the hang of it while I was going I guess. Regardless... I saved myself HUNDREDS by doing it myself. I also don't have aftermarket baloney windows... they are OEM and they look brand new.

    I have read where other people do it other ways but, that seemed to me the best way for me to do it. All I had was a backyard and some determination... apparently, that's all I needed.

    I got a new window nut set from LateModel and got some butyl tape and put the windows back in the car! ;)

    I hope this helps! Let me know how you did with it!
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  12. Pssst! Look up there! **points** :D
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  13. Awesome. Exactly what I was looking for.

    Thank you!
  14. You are entirely welcome! Had a hard time myself getting answers about it but, I did a bit of research and gave it a whirl!
  15. Thanks alot from me too!
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  16. You got it!! If there is anything else you guys have a question about, let me know. That is if... I can remember what was done. This has been a long and difficult project. Been down all kinds of dead ends, made mistakes, made some glorious victories... so if I can help someone else, I am all over it!
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  17. You have done an amazing job bringing your car back up from what it was when you got it back. Thanks for sharing your info on certain things like that!
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  18. Amen to that. I think most of us can agree on that
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  19. man if my wife would work with me on my fox that would be sweet.
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  20. Dude... I dream about having my better half work on the wifey with me. **sigh** One of these days I guess... in the mean time... I will turn wrenches myself and phone friends!