That Classic Ideas....thoughts?

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  1. Ok, so I am going for a classic mustang look on my 03. Here's the plan...
    The hood and spoiler will be painted black. I am going to have a friend paint a black out panel between the tail lights as well. Black out the rear bumper letters. Possibly tint the tail lights too. I am also looking into rear window louvers. I know most people aren't crazy about them but I like them. I like having a ride that stands out, and I have never seen a "new edge" stang with louvers.
    Anyone have any ideas that would go well with my plans?
  2. Ehh, idk if you can pull it off with that year, but then again...things may be different if nicely done. Personally, I wouldn't darken the tail lights...just my thoughts. Just make sure it is done in a way that people know you went for the classic look, and not that you just got some spare parts and never bothered to make it look good (like those cars and trucks you see with different color doors and what not)
  3. I hear ya, i think it'll look good after I get the blackout done. Im also looking into a chin spoiler as well.
  4. Now, a total blackout would be sweet. Black car, black rims, smokey tail lights, tinted windows...I like those...especially when nicely done
  5. Im not to hot on the idea of a totally black car though. I like to stick out a bit
  6. Ya, it isn't for everyone. For me though, the thing that makes that look is the right rims. Not a fan of the 20" ones and what not, but there are quite a few that are stock-type and look great.
  7. For sure. Id like to get some bullitt style rims. An inch bigger than factory. Maybe deep dish on the back.
    I like American Racing torque thrust rims too. Now those are classic
  8. Not big into rims to know what is what. I just know that mine are machine alloy...had to find out the hard way. Kind of a long story, but the jist of it is my brake caliper pierced one of my rims and I had to buy a new one
  9. I have a black 2001 V6 and have made some mods to it. Bought the Smoked Halo Projector headlights. Smoked the tail lights with some of the vinyl-cut overlay sets that I got for free after rebate on eBay ;-). The taillights definitely made a huge difference compared to the OEM red on black. I upgrading my wheels from the 15" stockies to 17x9 Matte Black Bullitts which I got a great deal on. It's raining right now but I will post pics later. These relatively cheap upgrades made a huge difference and my car looks great.
  10. I forgot to mention (but kinda hinted at it in one of my previous posts)...the smoked tail-light/head-light look works on black vehicles...if done right. I just feel that they dim the lights too much to use them myself (particularly the head-lights).

  11. You can say that again. I don't know if there is anything I can do to make these Smoked Halo Projector Lights better but I can't see squat!
  12. Not sure myself. You should post a pic of your car
  13. Here are some pics of my black 'stang if it'll be any help to you. The headlights and taillights make a huge difference! I recently got the tailight tint for free after a rebate incentive. These taillights are "smoked" and they look better than they do in pictures, but I still would probably get a black-out taillight vs. a smoked one on a black car. And yes I know, my wheels need a wash ;-) When those wheels are shinny, it looks beautiful!

    black1.JPG black2.JPG black3.JPG
  14. My opinion: Ya, go for the black-out tail lights. The headlights look great with that car. The wheels though, if you are going for the total blackout look, I think that those aren't the ones to go with...but I would like to see them when they are all shined up
  15. Thats for sure. The stock lights were too dim so I put Sylvania Ultras in. It works well. Smoked would be too dark for me. I have a fear of deer...
  16. Nice ride! I'll post pics soon. I'm getting the louvers tomorrow.
  17. I've always been a fan of chrome rimmed rims like that. I don't know how they would look on my car but I love Bullitt rims.
  18. Here's a few pics of the ideas I have for my stang...
    3443370_f496.jpg Blackout panel and letters

    I also want to tint the windows, and add a 1200 watt sub in the trunk, and XM radio. The spoiler will be painted black to match the black hood. If it wasn't for having to drive it in the winter, I would lower it too. Adjustable shocks or airbags are too expensive, so I'm stuck at the stock ride height. Mach 1 style chin spoiler.
  19. I like that pic...idk how well it goes with silver, but we'll have to see lol. Be careful with window tint. 5/6 of my windows have been tinted ever since we owned the car. Friday I was pulled over for my door windows having tint...apparently it doesn't matter that you can easily see into it from the outside, without a prescription, only the top 4" of the window are allowed to have tint (in Michigan).

    Don't lower it (my opinion). I have managed to find ways to not drive mine in the winter...too bad not everyone has that luxury. Because it hasn't seen winter, the only rust on it is basic under-body corrosion like surface rust on the drive shaft, rust on the exhaust. Nothing major tho.
  20. I do as well. I live in a kinda wooded area. Only encountered them once in the Mustang tho. Couldn't see them worth a damn. Apparently, they aren't reflective of headlights lol. Only way I saw them was they were the dark spot in my vision.

    Mine are machine alloy. Basically the same as the standard rims, except they are not painted...they are machined metal with a type of clear coat. They are beautiful...especially now that I FINALLY got to wash her since they finally paved my road (no more dust)