Thats it...Im going to buy an 05 GT....poll- ghost flames or stripes?

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ghost flames or stripes?

  1. ghost flames

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  2. stripes

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  1. I cant stand it anymore. I have to have one. I can't make up my mind whether Im going to do ghost flames or stripes though......

    If you say stripes- what color combo should I do-

    or if I do ghost flames- what color combo should I do-

    For the ghost flames combo Im leaning towards going with a blue and doing silver ghost flames......

    I need to know now because when I place my order, I need to decide on a color and my brain is frying right now because Im too damn excited about this car coming out...

  2. Stripes definatly suite a muscle/sports/phony (have to say it like that to avoid a classification arguement) better. It seems to me that ghost flames are something that look best on something like a '57 Chevy or another such classic. Despite my well documented distaste for the '05's external appearance I did like the looks of the silver '05 with the white stripes.
  3. Stripes. Personally I kind of like Black with white or silver stripes. about doing the best of both worlds? Ghost stripes? I've been dying to see if that could be done. It'd be something not many folks have.
  4. You should get someone to photoshop this. I personally would go all black, no stripes, no flames.
  5. I've seen a stang with ghost stripes and they do look cool. I like your choice on the color combo. My 67 is painted true blue(2000 stang color) and I would like to go with silver stripes. :nice:
  6. Get the car first, then decide.
  7. ghost flames all the way, that would be awesome

    black car, silverish ghost flames (obviously not stand out noticable) but anything wuold look good really..
  8. Yellow with Black stripes and Chrome wheels would look killer. So would traditional Blue with White stripes or Silver with White, just like the concept.
  9. i think you should get the car first, but i think either would look great :)
  10. Besides paint schemes, which exhaust are you buying first?:p
  11. the silver 05 with the white stripes look hot...other than that solid colors own!
  12. Go with your gut man. If that doesn't work, flip a coin.
  13. GNN60GT500....bastard! :p

    Im saying stripes. Go with the opposite of your car now, blue with white stripes. L8z

  14. Hmmm....I was thinking about going with that new Magnaflow catback kit....

    Maybe a titanium one? :D
  15. Vista Blue with Satin Silver stripes here, and love it even more eveyday I see a blue pony with white stripes.
  16. White with metallic blue stripes, or red with white stripes.
  17. talk about back from the dead!

    I posted on this in 2004. I get an email and check it out for fun. 3 years later. Crazy.