The 05 is the best new car of the year

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  1. If you look at all the changes made, the styling, the performance, and all that, the new Mustang is the best new car of the year. Not the C6 Corvette, not some import sedan, but an American RWD V8. like the good old days. It will be able to knock off Nissan 350Zs, Mazda RX8, and many others. This has probably been stated before. I think this is going to be intersting what they do for the special many choices... :D
  2. Time will tell. It hasn't proved itself yet. There are a lot of nice cars coming out these days. But it's certainly the one I'm most interested in, mostly because of it's price, the fact that it has two doors, a V8, it's RWD, and made in the USA. :flag:
  3. What are you talking about, it's not even out yet. And it's certainly not better than the C6!! As far as comparisons with imports, maybe the Mustang will be a better drag racer :rolleyes: , but only time will tell if the Mustang will offer better all-around performance, considering the antiquated ox-cart rear suspension.

    I'm not even bashing the Mustang because it's the car I'm most interested in right now, but come on!
  4. I agree. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

    The only thing you can be reasonably sure of is it'll be much better than the current car.
  5. I'd hate to be in Bill Ford's shoes in 2005. This car has an awful lot to live up to..
  6. Yes it has a lot to live up to. But people need to keep an open mind. And I'm sure that some people in here. Will still try to crucify it for not having IRS.
  7. Definatly the Most exciting new car for 2005 under $30,000.

    I pick the C6 vette for best $40K+ and Ford GT for $100K+
  8. I cant wait for the new mustang. It will come out just in time to be my first car.
  9. We won't be sure of that until it comes out. There are no real technological changes indicated yet. And "the devil is in the details"....
  10. It had better be *much* better, or the Mustang will die. The current one is way outdated, and quality is abysmal. Ford really needs to do this Mustang right.
  11. Absolutely. Except I'd say the new engine and chassis are pretty significant technological changes.
  12. i was meaning "on paper..." but the C6, grant it is awesome, but its an entirely different car, i meant i am dissapointed that it is not changed enough from the C5.
  13. not everyone wants or likes retro, its not very aerodynamic..its 3cubic feet bigger..this doesent appeal to all i still believe it was aimed at the older relive youth type driver than a young guy..but i still might buy one because i love stangs and never owned different..theres alot of newbs who never even driven a stang flooding rediculous stuff
  14. IMO, the new Mustang could be a poor car, and it would still sell better than many cars on the market; I doubt it'd die. The Mustang has such a large fan base and brand strength, that I doubt Ford would ever let it go. If the car is released with problems, I'd bet the design team would correct the issues ASAP.
  15. The only way they can kill the Mustang is make a FWD 4 banger base model with a 2.5L V6 option lol
  16. how do you kno its not aerodynamic? Have you seen the drag coefficents? You cannot judge it by its looks. I saw this car in person with a huge crowd around it. It was very age diverse. It's a great desigh no matter what your age.
  17. Not better than the c6? Beg to differ. That new vette engine is going to be awsome but it is still the same basic car. Not that its not a great car but by comparison with the changes the mustang is undergoing the c6 is just getting a minor upgrade. Not only that but that new body used to be called Viper.
  18. If I had to guess between the new car and the old, it's probably a toss. The blunt front end being offset by the absence of massive fake hood/brake scoops and more slope to the windshield (I think). Who knows? Who cares?
  19. I think so too. I was really hoping they'd fix the huge ugly rear end of the Vette. Instead they added some Viper like creases to the hood. Snore.

    The 05 Stang is a complete redesign, and if internet "buzz" is any indicator, the new Stang is going to be a huge success. Someone was tracking hits on websites regarding the new Vette and the new Stang, and the Stang was kicking *ss. (Of course since the Stang will be 1/2 the price, that's got to be figured in to all the interest)

    I like the 350Z, and the RX8 is worth a look, but I'd rather buy American. :flag:
  20. You either don't know much about Corvettes or you're just being a Mustang fanboy. The C6 is NOT "the same basic car" or a "minor upgrade". And even if it was, the C5 is already a world class sports car that outperforms most cars that cost twice as much. Read up on the changes and get back to me.