The 05 is the best new car of the year

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  1. "you could put all the parts carried over from the C5 in a bushelbasket" -Dave Hill, Corvette vehicle-line exec. talking about the C6. MT, feb04
  2. but the read the C&D article of the same month. Carmakers are famous for just changing the stock/part numbers and calling it 'new'.
    As much as I like the c5/c6, its an evolutionary step. not as radical as the changes the c4 and c5 made to it's previous generation.

    also, the vette and mustang are two radically different cars. yes the vette has better performance in all catagories, but they serve two different purposes.
    if you were a car mag editor, you would have to name a 'car of the year' based on how the car does on it's target niche.
    for all we know, it could be somebody's new econobox winning car of the year. :shrug:
    (&): you sound like a fanboy yourself comparing apples and oranges...
  3. Not really. First, I didn't start the comparison. Second, I realize that there are vastly superior cars to the Mustang, and I simply can't afford them. That's the appeal of the Mustang: pretty much everyone who wants one can have one.
  4. Where GM is with the corvette is analagous to where Honda, Yamaha etc are with 600cc to 1000cc crotch rockets. They are at the point where the car is screwed together so well that you're not going to see any huge differences from generation to generation without changing the essence of what the car is. The car doesn't look much different from the curb so people assume that it's still the same underneath. From what I've been reading, this is definitely not the case. Granted, they haven't covered a lot of new ground technologically, but that's not really the point. Like the sportbikes, it's more a matter of 1% here, 2% there etc.

    Hopefully the Mustang will be in the same boat someday.
  5. Speaking of corvette's, does it strike anyone else as odd the they used the C5 vette to pace the 2004 Daytona 500 instead of the C6?

    ...And why didn't they have Janet Jackson driving?
  6. If you saw a C6 parked next to a C5 you would realize the difference is huge. The C5 was already a great car and the improvements on the C6 aren’t as dramatic as C4 to C5. C5 to C6 = 7 years, C4 to C5 = 13 years. The C4 was very outdated when it was replaced.
  7. The C6 also has a longer wheelbase than the C5, but is smaller overall. :nice:
  8. I don't know, no one has tested or driven the car yet. We all here its so great and wonderful, but that's only what FoMoCo is telling everyone. We'll wait and see. Its a nice looking car. I don't think its the best looking thing out there but its okay. As far as the engine goes. Yeah its a 300HP but how much is RWHP. Also how reliable will it be? As far as competing with imports, Ford unfortunately is not known for its reliability. I'm going to wait for the road test and track tests. Let them beat the hell out of these things first and show me the numbers and problems. Then I'll wait a year for those that can't wait to own come back crying about the problems and once they have the bugs worked I'll consider one. Also. lets see what SVT bring to the plate. I have a feeling they are going after the Corvette. Its too early to tell, we are on here arguing over price and options, and which car is better. All we know is what Ford wants us to think. They are building up hype so everyone will run out an buy one right away. Many people on here are allready thinking like that. Not me, when it comes to investing $30K, I want to make sure its worth it.