The 05 with his Big Brother

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  1. just a pic I took tonite

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  2. Sweet! :nice: ..... Nice 'Bra... SCHWING.... :hail2:

  3. Can I have one? Just kidding.

    I was at the dealership this weekend and saw an 06 with the light bar on it. Some guy was telling his friend how much he liked the look of the "roll bar" on the new stang. Going on and on like he was the smartest man alive. Ha IF the mustang would roll that thing would do nothing. Good thing its not a roll bar.
  4. Very nice!! Looks almost heavanly! LOL!! :nice:
  5. The 06s are out?! :shrug:
  6. yeah, where have you been?
  7. whocares

    SSHHH!! Keep this on the downlow for now.. When you get a chance, slip this under the hood of your V6 pony.. You should be good for about a 125 shot, as long as you dont put on slicks.. It comes with a light switch, you can place under the seat.. The shot is induced at 75% throttle, so no buttons are need to activate once the light switch is turned on... This kit is for the GT, and the V6, because they both use the same fuel rails... Be carefull... ....SSSHHHH!! She'll never know!

    Just so you know, the motor has been tested stock up to 150 shot with no problems.. The 7.5" rearend could not take it, but this was with slicks, from a dead stop.. If you decide to upgrade the rear-end, you have several options.. The cheapest way would be to go with an Auburn LSD with a Girdle, to maintain the spider-gears integrity...

    For the one stop solution, you can go with the new Detroit-locker option, which does not use spiders.. My advice is, just use the kit from a roll, and you wont have to worry about the rear-end at all.. :nice:
  8. Sweeet! One of the most bad-ass looking cars paired with one of the best looking cars :D
  9. Kieth's Cobra is off the hook! That is a badass Cobra! :nice: I will be the first to admit, I would still take Whocare's Cobra anyday.. But damn, Kieth' s is truley insane!! :D