The 2011 Ford Mustang Details

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  1. 412 horsepower.* 390 ft-lbs of torque.* 32 valves.* A 7,000rpm redline.* All aluminum block & heads.* These are a few of our favorite things from the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, and the beauty is, they all come in one potent package.* The 2011 Ford Mustang GT comes with the 5.0-liter V8 power plant and tips [...]

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  2. I canceled my order for a '10 about 2 weeks ago when I heard about the '11 with a 5.0 powerplant. :flag: Thanks Ford you came through for us.
  3. now it is just pure INSANITY for someone to buy a camaro or challenger. the stang is better looking, better interior, better performing AND CHEAPER!

    ford knocked one out of the PARK with the new mustang V6 AND GT! i am so stoked!
  4. and it gets 25mpg.......
  5. Yes Ford...nice job, you just shot yourself in the foot in trying to sell the remaining 2010s...should have waited until mid-summer to announce the 2011...your marketing division will probably have some heads rolling...(and oh, we all know you could have put in a 350HP engine in the 2005 but it took the Bowtie Guys to wake you up out of your sleep)...yeah, thanks again!:shrug:
  6. I think you've made a faulty assumption. Namely, the 2011 launch date is Spring 2010, not Fall 2010.

    So I don't think there will be a huge inventory of leftover 2010's.

    And some buyers are less concerned with engines and more concerned with pricing. The base Mustang GT will probably increase ~$4k (same base price for the 2011 Camaro SS). And you know there will be initial dealer markups. Plus, factor in discounts/incentives/financing for the leftover 2010's... probably $10k out-the-door difference. That makes a leftover 2010 GT look like a real bargain.

    If anything is going to hurt sales of leftover 2010 GT's, it'll be the 2011 V-6 Mustang. The V-6 has similar hp and a big mpg advantage. But it's not a V-8.
  7. does it really weigh around 4K lbs? if so i'm terribly disapointed.

    weight is dumb.
  8. CA Lightfoot...I hear what you're saying, but the bottom line is that Ford sat on their laurels until the Chevy guys threw something at them (i.e. the 2010 Camaro)...Ford should have been putting in their more powerful 5.0 engine (and the new V6 one) a few years ago and STAY WAY ahead of the competition...but they didn't. As far as I'm concerned Ford was reactive instead of proactive. Definitely not the sign of a company with a vision...
  9. really? cause i could've sworn ford didn't ask for a dime from the govt and im pretty sure GM asked for a ton.

    so ... seeing as how money talks... and ford is making it...

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with letting another company take risks to make room for sure footing. ford does business smart.
  10. That seems to be an issue of debate. There are sources that say the '11 will weight only 10 pounds more than an 2010. And then there is that annoying stat sheet with the "estimated" weight of 3875pounds. Given that the numbers are so round on the stat sheet, I would guess those are incorrect, or... very loose estimates. Expect the 2011 to weigh in about the same as the 2010.
  11. ford updated their info
    New figures:
    BASE CURB WEIGHT (POUNDS) Coupe, .......Conv.
    Manual transmission ..............3,603 (est.) 3,720 (est.)
    Automatic transmission ..........3,658 (est.) 3,770 (est.)
    Weight distribution (f/r) .........54/46 (est.) 54/46 (est.)

    The car gained a little over 50lbs.

    Read more: Camaro SS lighter than 2011 mustang GT!? - Motor Trend The General Forum Forum
  12. In all fairness, I'll speculate why I think the Camaro is outselling the Mustang a bit...

    1 - The Camaro is a 100% all new car (compared to the last year produced in 2002)
    2 - The Mustang is only a refresh, if you put a 2005 and a 2010 next to each other and squint they look the same. Performance is also the same.
    3 - Mustang down on power compared to the Camaro - although I still think all around the Mustang is a better, more rounded Pony car.

    Wait until 2011, the Mustang will pick up a lot of steam, the Mustang 50th Anny. is around the corner and I'd be willing to put all my chips on the table and bet that the Challenger will be done in about 2 more production years. With the GM performance division dissolved and GM being run by Mr Obama and his chronies, the Camaro will only hold on for a couple more years after Challenger's death. Then once again the Mustang will still be alive and strong. Just my take on it.
  13. I figured that it would pan out that way. 2011 I think is going to be a slaughtering. I've already heard from reliable sources that the Challenger has maybe 2 production model years left and it's done...if that. I really like seeing the competition though. It's more exciting but if Chrysler or GM can't step up and make a "good" pony car then they won't be hanging aroung long.
  14. If the '11 is going to be available in the Spring . . . . when can we start ordering?? :):nice:
  15. Next week I think and production starts in march. :):nice:
  16. Nice, I will be checking that out for sure! :D
  17. The Order Guide was supposed to be out yesterday for the 2011, still not available today, anyone know anything about why or when it will be?:shrug:
  18. you might want to lease them first.Talking to a buddy that works at the Essex plant,there are some loose lips in the plant. There "could","might" be an ecoboost version,supercharged version AND a twin turbo version. As well as "possibly" a 5.0 in the F150 later in the year. "Just speculation" wink wink.
    I've heard management and union are all giddy about this engine. Maybe I'll be back at work sooner rather than later.