The 2011 Ford Mustang Details

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  1. Yeah. The fleet order book should be open now. And the first production is due to start March 15th for the California special, so I assume that means the rest are as well.
  2. i believe those weight figures are with standard equipment. im going to delete HID, spoiler, and striping.

    should knock a few pounds out of 3605.
  3. 8 quarts oil change? wow is that why they bumped up the change to 10k?
  4. Probably going with a long-life synthetic oil, like Mobil 1.

    But there must be a reason for that much oil. I'm guessing it's to prevent oil starvation and/or foaming during high-g driving.

    It might also provide a "reserve" for racing/competition driving, when the engine might burn more oil.
  5. on a motor with a 7000rpm redline, a lot of oil will pump up quickly. they thought of everything with this motor. i cant believe they got a redlight to fix every modular defect.
  6. except for the bore spacing:rolleyes:
  7. look, ford doesnt need to play the cubic inch war at this point. the time for that has passed. ten years ago i agreed with that. now we have 35mpg CAFE standards a few years off. everything will have small turbo v6's(smaller than 3.7liters) or 4 cylinders then.
  8. A local so cal intake company is looking for this car. If anyone knows someone that is ordering one PM me and I can get the details. A free intake will be given to the person that loans the car out for development.
  9. I admit I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but it wasn't until this past week that I realized the 3.73 rearend is only available on the manual (not the auto). Have to say I was disappointed.
  10. I don't think Ford was reacting to Chevy's Camaro. The Camaro came out last year but the 5.0L had to be in development in like '06 or '07 to be able to be ready for it's release in 2010. They certainly didn't develop this new 5.0 engine in one year.
  11. The fact that the 5.0 is equal to, or slighlty superior to the GM engine in the Camaro with less displacement to me shows that Ford is not sitting back and reacting. These engines cannot be developed overnight...and the fact the Ford engine is as good as it is next to GM's offering says something (it isn't as if GM is just throwing garbage out there.)