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  1. how true that is. my parents have a 97 stratus that they've spent $6k on fixing it already...and it only has like 70k mi. that's more than I spent on my car plus repairs. the interior is fair...could be way better. and yes I know that its not even close to a competitor, but that's my experience with dodge - they're junk :)

    I think chevy might get close in the $20k competition, but I don't think they'll be able to beat the stang
  2. Here's the official pricing on the new 300C and Magnum wagon. Pretty competitive considering all the stuff they throw in these cars. The build quality on these should be pretty good, too.

    But it sounds like the Charger will have four doors. I don't think DC will have anything that could touch a $20k Stang if indeed that happens. I'd love to see a low buck 2 door Super Bee/Road Runner-type car based on this platform but not sure that goes with the German mindset.
  3. I like the MAGNUM, and it will probably be close in performance with the new V8 Mustang(GT), since the MAGNUM is 340hp but weighs in close to 4100lbs(v8 model)... the trade off for bang for the buck is the Mustang.

    Also the same with the 300.

    But when you get to their HP level, it isnt really in competition whatsoever with the new Mustang GT because of the nice $8-10k price gap.

    But then again, you get more features and comforts compared to the Mustang which all you really get is A/C-heater controls, a radio, cruise and a 5spd automatic.(no heated seats, no seperate climate controls, no passenger adjustability...etc)

    I hope a loaded Mustang GT will be no more than $24k to offset the price difference from the new POWERFULL/LOADED vehicles in the upper 20k-$30k range.
  4. Both of those cars are direct competition to the Five Hundred and Freestyle. But not the Mustang. Right now, neither Chevy or dodge have anything that would be considered competition to the Mustang. Chrysler does have the Crossfire, but isn't it a 2 seater. Seems more like a 350Z competitior to me.
  5. And it's also a good 6-8k more than a Mustang and a lot slower IIRC.
  6. I just had a thought.

    Everyone keeps saying the current GT starts at $24K. But that is not the whole story. For the last year Ford has been offering up to $3,000 rebates on the GT so the "real" sticker price is closer to $21K. If they make ABS and Trac-Loc options, they could get the starting price of a base GT to under $20K and discontinue Rebates.
  7. The only reason they are having rebates it the competition towards GM, who put out rebates first, and to move the current 03-04's out of showrooms before the new 05.
  8. Because some were wondering about prices...
    1995 Mustang v6 14530
    1995 Mustang GTS 16910
    1995 Mustang GT 18105
    GT added fog lamps, rear spoiler, GT bucket seats, power door locks, trunk release, leather wrapped steering wheel
    Neither price includes A/C,which was in option packages or shipping.
    1992 Mustang 4 cyl HB 10721
    1992 Mustang LX 5.0 HB 14207
    1992 Mustnag GT HB 15243
    Both V8s still needed 1300 in options to get A/c and power windows/doors locks
  9. Someone in here complained about how American cars don't last very long and how they break down before reaching 100,000 miles. There is a logical solution to this problem. The whole key to not spending lots of money on repairing your vehicle is by purchasing the 100,000 mile/5 Year, 100,000 mile/6 Year or the 100,000 mile/7 Year BUMPER TO BUMPER EXTENDED WARRANTY. You can buy this warranty on about any new and used vehicle from all automobile manufacturers. I myself just purchased a 100,000 mile/7 Year Premium Plan Extended Warranty from Ford for my 2001 Mustang GT. If anything goes wrong with it Ford will repair it and I will not have to pay for the exhuberant high repair bills. Just purchase the extended warranty from the manufacturer when you buy a new or used car and you will save lots of money on repair bills if your car turns out to be a lemon. These type of extended warranties pay for themselves with all the repairs that you will put into your American built car over the life of the extended warranty. Simple as that.
  10. My extended warrantee has been worthless. I paid for it. But have had nothing to use it on.
  11. the point is that you shouldn't need that warranty because the cars should last longer than that. and I was only talking about dodge :)
  12. I just find it a little ODD that Hyundai is offering 100,000mile/10yrs(i believe) warranties on their little junks and the TOP american automakers are only offering 36,000/3yr warranties... on ALL their vehicles.

    It shouldnt come to that. I would be SO much MORE happier and in peace of mind if the American manufacturers(preferably FORD) will give a much longer warranty, WITHOUT having to BUY an extended warranty.

    I remember back in 1989, my father bought a brand new Ford Escort station wagon with the 2.3ltr/Automatic. Bought the extended warranty with it, 4 years later the piston fried and numerous other problems, extended warranty covered NOTHING.
  13. I don't know if they've improved or not. But of the 4 people I've known with a hyundai all made it to just over 100k then the engine died. All engines dies between 105-125k. All without warning.
  14. I would like to get data on the SVT...40k sounds like a lot. I would DEFF have to get ride of my 01 for that. Maybe even both. I would consider a GT as well but I have really gotten to like my SVTs
  15. The material cost difference between the SOHC 4.0 and SOHC 4.6 3V is probably only $50, if that, once production on the 4.6 3V is ramped up. The transmissions and other powertrain equipment you’re looking at another $100.
    I worked for Fleetwood RV, Riverside CA, a few years back as a purchasing agent. Trust me a bigger motor doesn't always equate higher price (Dealerships want you to believe, bigger motor bigger price, so they can charge you more for the car). The SOHC 4.6 3V is shared with how many other lines, 2 right now? (Mustang and the F150). I'm sure within a few years the Explorer, Expedition, Excursion will all receive this power plant along with a few others. Bringing the per unit cost of the 4.6 3v down dramatically.

    If all you are adding to the Base V6 model is a V8, transmission, rear end, and 17's material cost to Ford is minimal.

    Although you have to remember, Ford Dealerships wants you to option up, it's were they make there money and all the GT package is, is one big option. That's why it costs $7,000 more than the base car.
  16. You are correct that the incremental manufacturing cost for things like V8 engines and options are very small and are high profit items.

    But, your numbers are a bit off. $500 or more difference for the V8 engine would be more like it. The 4.0 SOHC is already made in very large volumes as it is used in the Explorer, Ranger, etc. so the 4.0 V6 is a low cost engine.

    But with that said, I think you guys are dreaming if you think Ford will really have an under $20K V8 Mustang in 2005 (sticker price). Ford will sell every V8 GT, 2005 Mustang they are able to build for $25K or more. Why in the world would they want to give them away at less than $20K?
  17. I find it a little ODD that people still think of Hyundai as junk. They can afford to do the big warranty because their quality has skyrocketed in recent years, approaching that of Honda and Toyota. Meanwhile, most American brands are still average, at best. Ford simply can't afford to offer a 10/100k warranty on their current line-up.
  18. I was watching the Ford VP of Product Creation on speed channel this weekend (can't remember the show). The piece was taped before NAIAS but he clearly said the V6 was under 20k and the V8 was the lowest price V8 sports car (or something like that) either way it was obvious that a V8 Mustang under 20k wasn't in the cards.
  19. I'm not sure if anyone mentioned it or not (skimmed, but haven't read all the posts), but... the V6 and GT are both going to have the same transmissions and the same 8.8" rear end. So logically speaking, the only thing that has to be changed out to support a V8 in the V6 base would be the motor and the front suspension. I could see that being done for $2-3k easily. It's not nearly as monstrous a job as it would have been with the current Mustang (where you have to change the rear, axle, and transmission as well).

    I'm not saying I expect a $20k V8, just that it's not so technically difficult to do as some have suggested.
  20. Yes I do know HYUNDAIS have had much superior quality from when they were first introduced in America.

    But STILL to MANY MANY MANY folks, they are still speculating and assuming HYUNDAIS are JUNK, since their introduction to the market, they were known as THROW AWAY cars.

    But for the price of the cars they offer, compared to lets say FORD, they have a mighty high warranty.

    I forgot to put my emphasis towards Hyundais in that post as I was lazy, and forgot to add my "quotes" on JUNK.
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