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  1. No, no, no. What Tyler is saying it is not going to be a GT package, just something to the effect of a V8 in a V6 body, like he said, like the LX during the Fox Body years. J. Mays did say there were 2 engines options, both starting under $20k, nothing about a GT appearance packages or the sort under $20k.
  2. Let's just wait and see. We can speculate all we want, but that won't change the truth.
  3. Why would Ford sell a V8 Mustang under 20,000?

    because Id buy one.. thats why.

    Im willing to give up my 500+ horsepower ( 452 rwhp ) cobra for this new platform. You heard it here first. I want one of these new cars so bad.. for the sheer fact of having a brand new chassis, 3v engine, and a brand new car.

    Why WOULDNT I do it?
  4. I will grant you many people would buy a $20k V8. It does not however mean ford will do it. They may do it. But quotes of 1 speech is all we have saying it will happen. Where we have many other sources of the other prices. And none of the sources have any info about a "lx" V8. Including Ford's own website. And just as you could argue that they have not corrected the mistake on msn. You would also think that if they were watching these boards. That they would confirm this "lx" V8.
  5. So far there has been no correction and plenty of reputable sources (MSN, Card & Driver) have been quoting the under 20K V8 speech. You would think if it were such a huge mistake there would be a retraction of some sort. Even though it's still speculation one still wonders why Ford hasn't corrected this statement, if it is at all a false statement...

    This the way I look at it:

    On one side there's J. Mays saying there will be a 20K V8 (with sources like MSN and C&D backing it up or at least feeling comfortable enough to quote him)

    Then there's a bunch of pessimistic people on stangnet saying, nah there's no way Ford will offer a V8 20K HAS to be a mistake.

    So whom do we believe, top executive of Ford division or some internet junkies??

    PS - this post is in no way putting down any of my stangnet brothers, I'm just tying to put this whole thing into a different don't attack me!
  6. yeah no manufacturer is going to put a 10yr/100k mile warranty on junk if ford will only go 3/36 on the stang. dodge goes free maintenance, tires and warranty for 7yr/70k miles on all their cars around here i think. i guess ford doesnt need to extend their warranty to improve sales :shrug:
  7. Hmmm...

    Well, in the words of an infamous group - I'm a believer.

    There are a few things that have been said and at least one thing I see over looked here that I'll touch on.

    In 96 and in 98 I believe, Ford released the GT in a cut down trim level for under 20K. In 96 I assume this was to welcome in the new 4.6L and pay for the R&D by selling as many as they could. In 98 it was probably to get them sold out before the 99's showed up. I can see the same thing happening to the 04's. You can still lease the 6 for 5 bucks a day (not sure if that's everywhere, but I've seen the add a few times in as many weeks here.) The 2004 GT's will probably be liquidated this spring. A great thing for people who don't like the 05's.

    If you look around at the market place, we seem to have come full circle. Some of the things that have happened could not have happened at a better time for Ford - it's almost as if it was some big plan that could only play out in a fiction. The timing is just too critical to be a fluke

    The Mustang pony car had no competition when it debuted. ??? Where is GM?
    The Mustang was available from base to fully optioned out, much like a Lego set.
    GM will/may be back in 67 - oops I mean 2007 - get it?

    As far as I know, the LX V8 was a pretty good loop hole for insurance... at least in Canada. I'm not sure if that worked out here, but the "GT" badge is what drove up the premium. A 20K LX V8 is a perfect option to someone who could pay the middle ground insurance between a V6 and GT. It's a perfect sell point.

    I think Ford wants to make a huge statement here. They've upped the anti without even having a need to do so - no competition - yet; but I think some of us have missed the point. This is a celebration of the Mustang, but it's also a huge appreciation for the people who have supported this car for 40 years. They've kicked it up a notch for us. Better chassis, interior, Lego set building freedom to maximize customization and an amazing price to performance level. It's all payback in a "back to 60's freedom" kind of way. I can understand the majority of the disbelief and the "nobody's ever gonna do that" but as some have pointed out, this is the perfect time for Ford to pull somthing like this. If would be amazing to see a 400K total sales again, specially in this day and age. With that pricing, it is clear Ford may be testing the possibility.

    No sale of any Mustang regardless of option level is going to hurt Mustang sales of any other option level - a sale is a sale is a sale. That kind of thinking is ridiculous and was partially responsible for the death of the SVO. A lesson well learned, SVT played it right in the second attempt and runs stronger than ever today. The Cobra is a huge complement to all lesser incantations of the Mustang.

    I'm not going to pretend I know how these cars are built, but logic dictates that the cars will all be on the same path until they hit the drive train and interior sections of the line. Only time will tell how truly different they will be, but this is going to be a big factor in keeping costs way down. It's a numbers game pure and simple. Someone stated earlier that the 20K V8 could be a reality with no options, but in fact it would cost more to tool the line to support that than it would to put power windows, door locks, air-tilt & cruse in every car produced. A good example - For the most part you have to order a car without air to get it that way... it may be cheaper for you, but it costs ford money and you have to wait for the car. Second example; When you buy 200K power lock/window kits for the line and 1500 manual lock/window kits for people who opted out, what one do you think is going to be less expensive?

    It stands to reason that the sub 20K V8 will probably be the base V8 with the simplest interior and V6 body moldings. The only other thing they could change to cut costs without hurting safety or integrety is the tranny. But again it's a numbers game there too. How much real dollar difference is there between the T5 and the T3650 in lots of 20 thousand or more?

    Speculation aside, I am buying one. And to hell with trading in my 2002; what's the point when it will be paid off and I'll only have the 230 a month to deal with on the new car? Think about how many more people will have that V8 stang as a second/third car due to the price of admission.

    I called my dealer; asked her to put aside a set of all the dealer info/posters/specs of the new car when they finally start arriving for collection purposes and to give me a call when Ford gives them go on accepting 05 orders. Can I afford a GT, sure - but I'm one of those idiots mentioned earlier that would get the lesser model. Why? On principle, because it's a sub 20K V8, because I can do it without selling one or more of my other cars, Because 4 cars will still only be about 150/mth insurance, and the best part, because I want to.

  8. I still don't believe its going to happen. But then again some good points are brought up. According to the above article there "might" be a $20K V8. And also as stated before,those statements have never been corrected. In the mind you say it can't be done. Then you think of the possibility of mass production flooding the market at that price. If Ford behind closed doors is going to sell this car they must be looking to sell twice as many as before. Just like when the first one came out in 64 1/2.
  9. OK let me get this people think that you will be able to get GT mechanicals, but slap on different bumpers, grilles, seats, etc, and shave over $7k off the price? Mustang enthusiasts must be the most gullible people on the planet. Oh, and I always trust Microsoft when it comes to reporting about cars. :rolleyes:
  10. I also am not convinced it is going to happen. The arguement that they have not corrected the statement. Can be reversed to. They have not confirmed it either. And pricing of the car is big information. So a sub $20k V8 would be big news. I hope it happens for all you believers otherwise. There will be another thread in here later on. About people being disappointed that they "promised" to build a sub $20k V8. Just like people believing the concept was the production car.
  11. So far the argument of Ford NOT retracting the 20K V8 speech is far greater than them not confirming the price again. Why do they need to confirm the price again? It was already said once, and that was just a few weeks ago. Also to the poster who deosn't wan't to believe microsoft, you're actually the "gullible" one. If you would check out MSN's auto section it's an exact mirror link to the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) page. (How much more reputable do you wan't) Microsoft just hosts it. I certainly trust them (NAIAS, MSN, C&D, and J. Mays) over anyone on this board.

    As far as the $7,000 difference, what's so hard to believe about that? That's only a 35% increase in price. I mentioned before in one of my earlier posts, my 1989 LX Coupe (which by the way had EVERY power option that the GTs had at the time) stickered for $10,500 while the GTs stickered for nearly $16,000!!! That's a 60% increase in price!!

    So to put it in a clearer light for some of you guys - If Ford was able to increase the price by 60% from 87-93, why wouldn't they be able to do 35% today?
  12. I think there's some weird pyschology behind this. Someone willing to spend $16k won't necessarily consider a $10k car... The $16K GT might have still seemed better/more appealing than the other $16k cars it was being compared to. The same goes for the person who would buy a Lexus SUV and not the Toyota SUV that is basically the same for $10-15k less. They compare the $50k or whatever Lexus to other $50k cars, and don't even consider the $35k or whatever Toyota. Mentally they are prepared to spend $50k, plus they want all the gizmos, and most importantly they want the status associated with being able to spend that much.
  13. If Ford was to sell a Mustang with a V8 for under $20K. It would be a great way to get all the kids who were going to buy foreign cars. Insurance would be less than a GT and the intial cost. If they did this, their looking to sell 300K- 450K per year and virtually flood the market with the car. Have the kids buy a Ford now and possibly buy more company products later. Not a bad strategy.
  14. You don't know much about insurance, do ya :D. If all the kids could afford the V8, the insurance would be higher, not lower.

  15. Insurance would be higher on the GT. If you had a regular LX things might be different. Not many kids can afford a new GT now. They go and buy foreign. Sell a standard model without all the badging for under $20K and sell the GT for $27K. You say insurance would be the same on both? Most kids Insurance is high already cars, does it matter? Why would it be higher for a Stang maybe? Support your theory.:D
  16. It's still got a V8 with V8 performance. But what we need is someone to call theie insurance agant and get quotes for an lx and a gt of the same year. Or a current Cobra and a mach. My insurance agent wants vin numbers before I can get quotes. People have stated they buy the V6 for the cheaper cost and insurance. But the V8 adds considerable performance. 100hp is a sizable jump in performance. Just because you get a break in price. Doesn't mean you get a huge break in insurance. It will probably be slightly cheaper than a gt. But doubtful that it will be the same as an import 4 vs a stang V8. The other thing you have to ask. Is would they even want to buy a stang. Most of the younger people are heavily into modifying their cars. Which means wings and body kits and stickers. Which is not something well tolerated by most current mustang owners.
  17. All you need to do is look at your insurance bill and see the breakdown of how much goes to collision, comprehensive and liability.

    The cost of insurance that covers replacing your car if you crack it up (collision) is not going to be significantly different between a $20K car and a $27K car. For example, my collison coverage on my Lincoln LS that stickered for $45K is only $63 / year more than my Mustang GT that stickererd for $25K.

    What is important is the liability coverage, that is the risk associated with you injuring someone else and damaging their car & property. Liability for a 20 year old with a 300 HP car will probably cost double that for a 200 HP car, especially since it is a 2 door. Liability will probably be something like $2,000 vs. $1,000. Low age + V8 + high HP + 2 doors makes for very expensive insurance.
  18. It's roughly a 70 hp difference:

    V6=193 I believe :D
  19. Not on the 05. On the 05 the difference is 98 hp. 202 vs 300.
  20. Insurance is all about risk. That's why my 1995 GT costs me more to insure than my 1999 Cobra convertible did. More young, stupid people drive GT's, and run them into things, than old farts driving Cobras... :D

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