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  1. When I started driving say 11 years ago it didn't matter what you drove. With just basic liability it was the same whether you drove a Nova or Camaro. New cars are a different story. A kid out of school has just as much chance at wrecking his Honda as a Mustang. A bad drivers a bad driver regardless of what you drive. Its all based on driving experience. Guys who are married have it a little bit better.
  2. Except the Honda will impact at 60 mph, the Mustang will do it at 150 mph... :rlaugh:.

  3. FWIW - About 10 yrs ago, I had my 90 GT hatch and my 89 LX insured at the same time. The GT hatch was actually $500 more to insure then the LX. I remember looking at the breakdown on the screen and the GT vert was the highest to insure.
  4. I haven't read all the posts so sorry if this is a repost but...I think it would cost more than $1K to make a V-6 a "V-8LX"

    rear end,

    tons of stuff needs to be done.....not just the engine.
  5. Different manual transmission as well.
  6. It's a 1K difference between the TOP model V6 and BASE "LX" V8. So in reality its probably a 3K difference.
  7. Hmmm, all I know is that if I just bought an '03 or '04 GT and the '05's come out for $20 or less, I'd be ****ED!

    If they ARE that cheap, I may end up with one after all. I think the idea of a 6 banger body with a V-8 in it would be great! I kinda like the 6 banger's "Halibrand" looking wheels, too.
  8. My local paper did a multi-page writeup on the Auto Show, and did a couple of columns on the new Mustang.

    They mentioned that there will be a V8 option for the base (V6) model. However, they didn't mention which V8. I guess if Ford wanted something cheaper, and didn't want to directly attack GT sales, it could be a lower HP V8 than the GT. Possibly the "old" 4.6 2-valve SOHC V8??? :shrug:
  9. Great! Another stem of possible proof that Ford is getting it's mind back. Now if they make a six speed and IRS an option on the base and GT models, it could truly sell to more than just Mustangers, and give Ford a payday to allow and encourage them to do even more. Drag racers want a drag pack option package with better gears and rear seat delete? Roadracers want better springs and dampers, and racing cloth seats? That would be possible if Ford makes more money on this venture. (I know this point has been belabored on this thread and others...)

    Some of us want 6 speed, IRS, and limited slip, but can't afford a Cobra, and they would have the 4 seat RWD coupe with horsepower and handling market below 30K mostly to themselves. Aside from the RX8, by a subsidiary of the same company, but a distinctly different car.
  10. It would be nice, but I am not as optimistic as you are for the price Ford would charge for that combination. I think it would be a bit higher, possibly in the low to middle $30k range.
  11. seeign as right now you can get a "base" GT for around 19k with the rebates, I see it possible.
  12. You can get a base model gt for 19k because people have seen the redesign. And nobody wants the 04's. Or they are waiting until the 05 comes out so they will be even cheaper.
  13. Don't meen to be rude to you yanks but I love the way you have messed up your dollar! I'm moving to the states this summer and with the euro i'm almost getting a 25% discount...sweet!
  14. in Autoweek, they said the base V6 is right at 17k. Add a 4.6 in it, you could have say a 19k car. Having a kid getting his license in 2 years,looking at mustangs, that may be the better choice.
  15. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but A) I wouldn't buya brand new car for a kid that is getting his license real soon, and B) I wouldn't trust a kid that just got his license with any v8 car. the temptation to race is just too much in a v8. I guess the fact that both I and my girlfriend have both been hit by guys under 18 with v8 mustangs....just my $0.02
  16. :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh:

    Why, why, why, why did you have to revive this thread. :shrug:

    There will NOT be a under $20K V8 Mustang.

    :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock:
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