The 306 Dyno Challenge.

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  1. I find it hard to believe that someone stupid enough to make this bet with you, has enough extra cash to buy you those parts you are requesting.
  2. I have plenty of extra cash! All of this came to be from a conversation Joe and I had two or three days ago. We were just talking trash and he he said he was goin to post this on a thread so I had to check it out. The man that built the motor says "450" now this motor was built knowing that there would be the addition of some spray. With the amount of spray this motor will for sure make well over 450! BTW only real punks will dis someone on thru a computer and they are the first ones to run from a real fight! Enough with the "stupid" and "lay off the rock" jokes. You all only know half the story.
  3. Only bad thing about that is he needs spray to make it over 450hp. Doing it all on motor is one thing... am i wrong?

  4. Better check the rules you agreed to, here is a quote from the opening post.
    Either that or your buddy, wasted a post, because he failed to mention you were using nitrous.

    "No power adders of any kind".

    Taken from post #1
  5. gotcha on a technicality.....
  6. The camshaft is a nitrous grind. The motor was built for spray. The engine builder might have exaggerated the numbers a bit (or a lot). It is a fast car though. We've kept up with stuff we had no business racing in his car. It's just not 450HP worthy.
  7. Here is the problem with you guys: You wish you had enough money to have a truly wicked 306, I don't mean my 306 is God but all you kids do equate revs to HP and that's just not good enough for me. I don't like to spin up to 8k RPM. My motor is internally ballanced none of this 28oz./ 50oz. crap. This car is built with no expense spared and Joe will even tell you that, he watched me :mad: go in there week after week dropping CASH in stacks to this dude! No plastic money here, I'm in no debt at ALL!! Maybe it just feels like the "450" the builder told me because I (unlike most) don't need drag radial or slicks to really leave a light. Maybe Joe can explain to you how I sent a Porsche (AWD) owner back to the dealer for an upgraded model and then whipped him again! Good ol' 441&Palmetto
  8. stop talking trash and go to the dyno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!or the track
  9. OK, will do Rowdie...

  10. :stupid: ...I could take a stock 302 and give it a 500shot :rolleyes: ...that would give you 500+rwhp...along with a block in several different pieces :rlaugh:
  11. i'll bet 5000$ he doesn't do it all motor, and to do that on spray is nothing special, i know a guy who put that number down on a stock bottom end with cast iron heads!
  12. Yes, you are correct. This run will be with no, I will repeat for those with reading problems, NO NO2. Please stop saying the same thing over and over. We both know the rules, you are all lucky to be involved in this. This is for entertainment purposes only. Don't get too worked up about it, I'm sure you all have a very active life to lead?
  13. With nitrous you should reach your number:nice: Should be a beast...
  14. I would certianly hope so. I'm set up to spray quite a healthy dose! On the bottle I will def. make more than the 450 but that's not in the bet, motor
  15. 450 RWHP is impossible!

    I'm no "punk kid" and could buy and sell you and your "engine" without batting an eye, so don't get "attitude" with me buddy.

    If you can't handle the FACTS I posted then keep on dumping your "cash" into a loosing combination. It is "not" going to make the HP levels you are claiming.

    Bottom line, if your engine builder told you you could obtain 450 HP with that head, cam and intake package, he lied and you flat out got taken.

  16. :stupid: :owned:
  17. Maybe your builder meant 450 flywheel hp. Which case he's still stretching it a bit for the combo. You're going to need alot more cam than that just for starters.
  18. Stroke it and you should be good but its probably too late for that.
  19. Yep, all motor is impossible:nice: With nitrous you might make it depending on the shot size. owe some money:)

    thats what im bettin......

    I am also betting, this is all flame bait!

    these two foo's are hanging out, laughing at every reply............ Anyone that thinks N/A 450 @ the wheels out of a 306 that even remotely looks like a street engine is on more than crack, he is on b.s!

    post 312rwhp (corrected) dyno sheet, if you have any hair down there.......