The 306 Dyno Challenge.

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  1. :stupid:
  2. Is this Dude willing to back his claims or just accepting your stacks of cash?
  3. When I addressed the "punk kids" I don't recall addressing ED but if he thinks he is one I guess it would apply? Gee, I sure am sorry if an old man thinks he is a "punk kid" but don't get it twisted, I was not talking to ED. Nobody got taken here except by Hillard at CCM but I won that battle! If my motor builder thinks he needs to lie then so be it. I don't lie. I was just telling Joe what the builder said to me. I know there is no way my car makes 450 but being a "real man" I'm going to dyno it anyway.
  4. whos your engine builder Bennet racing or rick anderson?....
  5. . basically your a dumbass who is betting 5,000 on something he knows is wrong...and that makes you a "real man" you should get your head checked. :nonono: I didnt know being a jackass made you a real man?
  6. I think I got it from Autozone? May have been Oriellys?
  7. I requested it in my first post about no bashing. We all know it's not capable at this time. The engine builder is one of the best in Florida. He himself has a 306 in his 93LX and it just ran a 9.94. [email protected] saw it with his own eyes. The engine builder might have told Brancer that with a 100 shot it should be in the 450 range. I might have been presented to me wrong, hence the challenge. In any case he took and down the road he'll get it dynoed. We can all relax and get on with our lives.

  8. Sorry for the bashing...maybe I read it wrong but this is how I interprited it...

    He knew it wouuldnt make 450 from the start but he still agreed to bet even though he knew he would lose 5,000 because he is a "real man" If that is true then I stand by what I said :rolleyes:
  9. No, really Joe it's ok to tell them I really got it at Autozone! I thinks it's and ATK reman right? LOL If they want to bash it's OK, I'm a man and they are the ones who look foolish. We are all out here to help each other and discuss new things but some people just want to make trouble and harass me. Joe told everyone we are close and he will not tolerate any please only constructive comments pertaining to my lack of HP. Thanks....
  10. 450 at the wheels.. on spray.. yeah it might be possible.. depending on what jet size

  11. 1. Men never have to admit they are "men".

    2. We told you countless times that combination will never reach 450 HP crank or wheels however the f-ck you want to cook this pancake.

    3. We are trying to help you get to 450 but you insist your combo will hit 450 without nitrous or boost and with a GT40 intake.

    4. Be a man, shut the f-ck up and listen to the guru's. Sometimes shooting down your ego is what it's all about.

    These mods

    Production block bored to 306 cubic inches 0 decked.
    Forged pistions
    11:1 compression
    Edelbrock RPM 6025's with I believe Stage I or II porting with bowl work.
    GT 40 Intake with lowered gasket match porting.
    Lunati 50017 camshaft I believe straight up.
    Scorpion 1.6 rockers.
    70 MM Throttle body.
    80 MM Mass Air
    30Lb injectors
    1 5/8 Long Tubes
    2.5 inch H pipe
    2.5 inch 3 Chambers dumped
    No underdrive pulleys
    Timing at 14 degrees I believe
    No Tuning device

    = 330 RWHP
  12. Please Dbeck go back to school and learn how to read. I KNOW IT WILL NOT MAKE 450 BUT I AM GOING TO DYNO IT ANYWAY.... Besides that I'm not going to dyno a pancake it will actually be car! Your alittle late on the bash fest, you should go kick your dog or perhaps walk out of you trailer with your wifebeater on and live up to your family creed! Thanks for the input schmuck!!!
  13. i have a bigger cam and better heads on my 306 and ill never see 450rwhp maybe with a 100shot but who knows....
  14. FYI, my jets are slightly larger than 100. It understandable that most would assume a 100 shot given the comp. BTW thanks for not bashing me stangnutlx. Some people do understand english.
  15. Que, no hablo.

  16. Exactly, that's what it is starting to feel like.
  17. Nah not gonna bash you!! im building a hefty 306 myself so im curious aswell. gonna be N/A not sure about spray right now... That road is too far away to concentrate on.. And the comment i made about who was building your engine Bennet racing or rick anderson i wasnt trying to be an ass i was merely asking a question but thanks for your snide autozone comment!!!
  18. Sorry I was not trying to be an ass. I had a man in south Florida build it who's name shall remain a mystery but I will tell you this, my motor has held strong for a very hard 20K miles. I have RUN from FL to IA most all of these miles. These are what I refer to as "White lightning miles" LOL. All in all I am very pleased with the performance of my car, I have way to many mods to list but the motor is one. Complete QA1 suspension. I had my friends at Mosier build me a bulletproof 8.8 with all the goodies. Maybe we could discuss this another time? Is your motor being built now or are you sourcing it out?
  19. By the way, I live in south florida too.

    Looks like we are trailer park neighbors!!! :nice:

    Good luck with the uber motor!