35th Anniv the 35th back from the body shop

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by luiz, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. so finally is here, new paint for the 35th, seems like when it had his glory days
    new additions
    grille delete
    chin spoiler
    M/T Drag Radials

    the buddy from the body shop wanted to be cool and painted the rear bumper inserts :nonono: i'll take it back soon to get them back to stock

    what do you think?
  2. I like the black rear bumper inserts pained black :shrug: looks nice :)
  3. Looks great. Did they paint the hood stripe on?

    And I usually like bumper inserts, but those look a little too filled in. No clue why.

    Definitely jealous though; my paint is fine, but little chips on the front are starting to add up.
  4. yup, that was the main reason of new paint, chips on the hood stripe and a bad fender the previous owner had "fixed"
    i'm planing on selling it,
    how much you think its worth
    its in really great shape, is just that mileage doesn't help
    149,400.9 :(
  5. Looks good to me! What's up with the right side tailpipe?
  6. a little accident, lol gonna fix it today, and change the Blowmasters for some Borlas to many new edges with flowmasters around
  7. Looks good, but if you're looking to sell it the mileage is pretty high and will lower the car value greatly. Probably wasn't worth repainting it if you were just looking to sell it cause you'll only get about $7K for it. That is if everything is in great condition and given there's no reports on the VIN.