The 4.6 Track Times Thread

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  1. I'm putting together this thread to list your best times and to have a referance for members to access them all in one place. In this thread you should post a brief mod list ie gears/exhaust/cams/headswapped etc and your times including 60 ft, 1/8 ET and MPH and 1/4 ET and MPH. I will also separate the list between normally aspirated (NA) and forced induction (FI). Also include if you were nitrous enhanced (NO2) and the shot used. Include the year and model since there may be other mod motored vehicles included. Times will be listed from best 1/4 ET down (1/8 times will be slotted in the appropriate positions also but list 1/4 as a rule if you have them). You may list more than once if you have times before and after FI.

    Must be your car or one you have owned.

    You must have at least 50 posts or one year membership to be listed. This is to prevent hit and run listings.

    Limited to 4.6 engined vehicles ONLY

    Time slips are not required but you can include them if you want. BE HONEST. No guessing or artificial timers.

    Copy/paste below



    FI, NO2 or NA:

    60 foot:

    1/8 ET and MPH:

    1/4 ET and MPH:

    I reserve the right to adjust this listing as I see fit. If you have issues or questions please don't hesitate to PM me.


    Driver/Ride........................................Sixty.............1/8 Mile.......................1/4 Mile

    1)04GTMustang/04GT......[email protected]

    2)Tim2002GT/[email protected][email protected]

    3)JBVobra/[email protected][email protected]

    4)Flghtmstr1/[email protected][email protected]
    Tork Tech IC kit,exhaust,pullies,LCA's,3.73's

    5)stangman98/98GT.....................[email protected]105.45
    N/A,P&P PI Swap,Exhaust,4.10's

    6)Showtime/[email protected]
    N/A,full exhaust,75mmTB/plenum

    7)myponyrocks/[email protected][email protected]
    Novi1200,3.73's,TB,full exhaust

    8)98COBRA281/[email protected][email protected]
    N/A,Stage2 cams,PI Intake,P&P NPI Heads,UDP's,Internals,LT's,3.73's,TB/Plenum

    9)laserstang21/[email protected][email protected]

    10)bboylobo/[email protected][email protected]

    11)crzyhrse99/[email protected]

    12)squeak93/04GT..........................1[email protected]100.9

    13)COramprat/[email protected][email protected]

    14)Burning Rubber/[email protected][email protected]

    15)CobraRed96 GT/96GT...............2[email protected]100.5

    16)mustangman9812/98GT............2.[email protected]98.94

    17)Stan Weiss/[email protected][email protected]

    18)98Cobra281/[email protected][email protected]
  2. Year/Model: 96 GT

    Mods: Cammed, gears, PI intake swap

    FI, NO2 or NA: N/A

    60 foot: 1.935

    1/8 ET and MPH:

    1/4 ET and MPH: 13.827 @ 103.02
  3. FYI I think you should add sea level of the track to the list. Will make it easier to compare

    Year/Model:2003 GT Coupe

    Mods: BBK 78mm Throttle Intake, BBK TL Shorties, SLP Catted X and SLP LM1 Catback, Street tires (17x10.5 Nitto 555 Non-DR), UPR Tubular front end and Coil Overs, MGW Orange handle, FRPP Drive Shaft, Spec Stage 2 w/ Stock fly, 3.73's, RSD

    FI, NO2 or NA: Novi 1200 SL (Mongoose kit from MPH) made 360/360 of 5-6#s, Haven't dyno'd yet making 8-9#s, Stock internals

    60 foot: 2.0681

    1/8 ET and MPH: 8.5725 @ 87.30

    1/4 ET and MPH: 13.1483 @ 108.65

    Track Recorded at: Santa Pod Raceway, Poddington United Kingdom. 315' above Sea Level
  4. Year/Model: 98 GT

    Mods: Stock NPI H/C/I, JLT Cold Air, Zex Wet Nitrous Kit 100hp Shot, O/R X-Pipe, Dynomax Bullet Mufflers, B&M Hammer Shifter, B&M Shift Kit, 4.10's, and Street Tires

    FI, N2O, or N/A: N20 (100 shot)

    60 foot: 2.1

    1/8 ET & MPH:

    1/4 ET & MPH: [email protected]

    Track Recorded at: Bristol Dragway - Bristol, Tennessee
  5. Year/Model: 2004 GT

    Mods:4.30 gears, o/r x, weld in amco mufflers, bbk cold air.

    FI, NO2 or NA: n/a

    60 foot:1.95 On Street tires. Sumitomo Hrtz 1's.

    1/8 ET and MPH:? sorry, don't remember.

    1/4 ET and MPH: 13.70 @ 100.9

    Recorded at: Mo-Kan Dragway. Asbury, Mo. 980 something elevation. In the end of Sept.

    I think we should include Street tires, d/r's or slicks as well. That obviously makes a huge difference.
  6. 2000 GT 5 speed bought used. Stock that I know of except has TOYO 245-45-17's on stock 17" wheels.

    ATCO Raceway
    60' 2.115
    330 5.915
    1/8 9.086
    MPH 77.50
    1000 11.802
    1/4 14.097
    MPH 97.71

    Best 60' 2.056
    Best MPH 98.79
  7. Year/Model:1999 GT

    Mods:BBK shorty equal length's, o/r H pipe, magnaflows, 75mm throttle body and plenum, fidanza flywheel, and SCT SF3 tuner

    FI, NO2 or NA: NA

    60 foot:1.89 on a 245/45/17 street tire with a 400 treadwear and no tire compound

    1/8 ET and MPH:8.55 at 83mph

    1/4 ET and MPH:N/A, we dont have a 1/4 mile track. My 1000ft was 10.99 at 93mph
  8. 2004 GT
    Mods: 2.1 kb blower 11psi, 3.73 gears and 315 nitto DRs

    60' 1.65
    1/8th: 7.49
    1/8th MPH: 95.67mph
  9. am i going to be able to be included? my car had a 4.6, but now its bored and stroked and is now at 5.0.
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  10. Year/Model: 2001 Mustang GT Automatic

    Mods: Catted X-pipe, blowmasters, removed intake silencer, 93 octane tune, UD pulley

    FI, NO2 or NA: Naturally Aspirated

    60 foot: 2.070

    1/8 ET and MPH: 8.816 @ 81.30 mph

    1/4 ET and MPH: 13.616 @ 102.75

    Cecil County Dragway
  11. coram I like this idea.. I am going to sticky it..
  12. Year/Model: 1996 Mustang GT Automatic

    Mods: Built auto w/ 3200 stall, Catted X-pipe, PI intake, magnapacks, Steeda U/D, CAI, 75mm TB+Plenum, 3.73's, 18x9's with KDII's at 16psi

    FI, NO2 or NA: Naturally Aspirated

    60 foot: 2.05

    1/4 ET and MPH: 13.97 @ 100.5

    Infineon Raceway
  13. Year/Model: 2000 Mustang GT 5 speed.

    Mods: K&N intake, 75mm throttle body, RPM upper plenum, UPR catless X pipe, Mac catback, 4.10 gears, self-adjusted Diablosport tune. 28" tall drag radials on this run.

    FI, NO2 or NA: N/A.

    60 foot: 1.99

    1/8 ET and MPH: 8.98 @ 78.70mph

    1/4 ET and MPH: 13.92 @ 100.17.

    Darlington, South Carolina. Temp was upper 80's and humidity through the roof.
  14. Year/Model: 98 GT, 5 speed

    Mods: bolt on npi w/ pi intake & cams, 373's, street tires

    FI, NO2 or NA: N/A

    60 foot: 2.06

    1/8 ET and MPH: 9.1 @ 76.98

    1/4 ET and MPH 14.16 @ 95.94
  15. While weather and DA is a factor a simple note may suffice. I know the track I frequent is 12' above sea level I would have an advantage but if you make plans to run in good conditions you can better your times.

    For simplicity sake I will note only those that may be detrimental to their times since seperating for individual conditions would make for a muddled list. What I may do is link your name to the post in this thread with any explanations. That way you can click to a name and read any issues.

    Please post your best overall runs only. While you may have better 60's in one run and a better MPH in another we want the best 1/4 or 1/8 ET as that will be the determining factor in where you lie on the list. Also if you only have a 1/8 track that is fine but I want 1/4 times if you have them.

    While tires are an issue also it is considered a mod. you can post that on your mod list if you prefer. A full mod list is not required...I will be brief on the listing anyway. Again you can include your mods in your post or sig (Limit to "go-fast" mods please) and I will work on linking it with you listing.

    I'll also begin the listing soon...once I get them noted on my home computer and figure out a nice, clean way to post them. Working on that now.
  16. Right now I'm just going to be working with 4.6 but since yours is a unique situation I'll include it with the bore and stroke as a mod. Maybe one of the 5.0 mods can work with a list there. Eventually I'd like a self posting database so taht everyone can get involved and update as needed.
  17. Thanks again for doing this. I understand about the elevation thing and keeping the format simple.

    Having moved to fairly low elevation England from superhigh elevation Colorado I know how much it sucks looking at other peoples track times and going "wtf I have more mods and run 1 second slower" etc ;)

    I'm not sure where the bad effects really kick in but I think anything above 3000' should be listed?

    Your project, your call :SNSign:
  18. Looking to break into the 11's this year with a few more mods.:nice:

    Year/Model: 2002 GT

    Mods: 4.10's, rear lca's, o/r x, JLT RAI, 75mm TB, TF plenum, Nitto dr's

    FI, NO2 or NA: 125 shot HarrisSpeedworks wet nozzle kit

    60 foot: 1.88

    1/8 ET and MPH: 8.075 @ 89.44

    1/4 ET and MPH: 12.399 @ 113.62

    Edit: Thanks for putting this together COramprat! I am surprised Stangnet hasn't had a true et list in this section by now.
  19. I was going to ask what would be a good base to show times affected by elevation. I guess 3000' is a good point.

    Working on the powers that be to set up a true member input database. We will see how this goes and what happens.
  20. I'm gonna post up my early 1/4 mile best run first then below will be my best fully modded run on n20 in the 1/8th, don't have a 1/4 track here in SC...

    Year/Model:2003 GT

    Mods: Xcal 1, UPR plenum/70mm tb, flowpath catback

    FI, NO2 or NA: NA

    60 foot: 2.03

    1/8 ET and MPH: [email protected]

    1/4 ET and MPH:[email protected]

    cecil county dragway, 330ft elevation

    Year/Model: 2003 GT

    Mods: Demolet CAI, UPR plenum/70mmTB, FRPP UDPs, O/R prochamber, flowpath catback, FRPP alum DS, UPR solid upper/lower control arms, 3.73's, xcal 1, MGW shifter, BFG gforce sport 275 width street tires, compucar fogger kit -125shot

    FI, NO2 or NA: n20

    60 foot: 1.98

    1/8 ET and MPH: [email protected]

    1/4 ET and MPH:

    dorchester dragway, 89 feet elevation