The 4.6 Track Times Thread

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  1. Year/Model: 1997 gt with a 98 gt block

    Mods: stroked to 302, pi intake, vt p&p heads, cams, 70mm tb, c&l plenum, forged internals, SCT dyno tune

    FI, NO2 or NA: NA

    60 foot: 2.02

    1/8 ET and MPH: ?

    1/4 ET and MPH: 13.56 @ 104

    New times with the blower coming soon!
  2. iv never gone to a track but i want to someday, love reading everything on these forums im on everyday. i dont have much to input because im new but i hope one day to get out to the track. Car right now has pulleys, mangapack exhaust, k/n drop in, 275s for tires. Would like to put some gears on but its my dd and im worried about gas mileage, since gas up here in vancouver is way more expensive than everywhere else.Hopefull to get to the track this summer and put a bad time up wish me luck.
  3. I applaud your efforts, but it has been posted before and the list is ongoing for many years now. Bill Putnam has put it together for us.

    Best 4.6 ET/MPH's - Corral Forums
  4. well about time we had a stangnet one
  5. i dont see the mods on that forum though which is very helpful to see.
  6. Check the 1st post for accuracy. I'll post it by itself when I get more entries.
  7. I like it! after some dressing up it will look good. For things like members N20 or boost have like hp shot and boost in quotations ex. (100hp) or (10lb)

    Looks Great Though! Its about time we (Stangnet) had our own list :nice:

    :SNSign: FTW
  8. Maybe it is just me, but I think you should add another column "Trans. Type"
  9. Well i only have a time from when i was stock. I ran it at an 1/8th mile track but i dont remember my times, and i hate 8th mile tracks.
    Bone stock
    14.3-1st and 2nd run
    I really want to get back soon and see what i can get out of her
  10. Coram I think all modulars should be included.. he would not be able to be listed with the 5.0's if they had a list since his car is not a windsor, even if he shares the same displacement with a 302 that would be the END of anything similar
  11. Year/Model: 99GT 5sp

    Mods:CAI, TB, plenum, UD, OR X, SLP LM2 CB, 3.73's, FRPP clutch, steeda tri-ax, DSP, street tire

    FI, NO2 or NA: N/A

    60 foot:1.90

    1/8 ET and MPH:[email protected]
  12. 1st best
    r/t .620
    60' 1.889
    330' 5.561
    1/8 8.610
    mph 78.22
    1000' 11.203
    1/4 13.418
    mph 101.53

    2nd best
    r/t .586
    60' 1.927
    330' 5.599
    1/8 8.646
    mph 78.20
    1000' 11.243
    1/4 13.458
    mph 101.49

    mods: slp lmII's, o/r x-pipe, bbk 75mm throttle body, dragon intake plenum, h&r ss springs, 315/35/17 sumitumo htrz tires
  13. Year/Model: 2004 cobra vert

    Mods: 2.76 pulley, magnaflow xpipe and catback, jlt rai, afco h/e, HPP tune

    FI, NO2 or NA: factory unported eaton

    60ft... 1.947
    330.... 5.139
    1/8.... 7.781
    mph... 94.32
    1000.. 10.035
    1/4... 11.946
    mph.. 118.61

    rear tires 275/40 17" nitto 555r, car weight 3915 with driver
  14. Bear with me on updates...I'm working on a format making it easier to read.
  15. Year/Model: 1998 GT

    Mods: PI, and a bunch of other stuff

    FI, NO2 or NA: NA

    60 foot: 1.6

    1/8 ET and MPH:

    1/4 ET and MPH: 12.78 @ 105.45 MPH
  16. "A bunch of other stuff" doesn't work on everyones car. :D Give me a quickie on the go-fast stuff. 12.7's is pretty stout for a PI swapped car.
  17. P&P stock compression pi swap
    stock bottom end
    Densecharger CAI
    Stock MAF
    UPR Upper
    Hooker Long Tubes and X
    Dynomax welded bullets
    Detroit Locker
    31 spline strange axles
    Centerforce DF
    Stock T45
    3350lbs with me in it.
    What else you want to know
  18. r/t .463
    60' 2.079
    330 5.894
    1/8 9.008
    mph 79.58
    1000 11.656
    1/4 13.917
    mph 101.19:D
  19. Mods: 4.10's, Steeda lca's, o/r x, JLT RAI, 75mm TB, TF plenum, MT ET Street radials

    FI, NO2 or NA: 125 shot HarrisSpeedworks wet nozzle kit

    I was in the right lane...
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