The 4.6 Track Times Thread

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  1. update :D getting better all the time!


    with a 3138ft DA
  2. I know I don't fit the membership/post count requirement and pics of my car can be seen in the 4.6l pic thread, but for fun here's mine:

    Year/Model: 1998 Mustang GT

    Mods: O/R x-pipe, 40 series Flowmasters, BBK CAI, nothing more

    FI, NO2 or NA: N/A

    60 foot: 2.13

    1/8 ET and MPH:9.21 @ 76.39

    1/4 ET and MPH: 14.19 @ 95.26

    It's a 5 speed with factory 3.27 gears and 160,000 miles. The DA that night was about 2500 feet. It is not PI swapped. It seems to be a factory freak. It made 206.9rwhp and 281.7 rwtq. I have the dyno sheet at home. I don't know why it's that fast. I should be swapping the stock suspension for Strange rear shocks and front struts and Eibach drag springs tonight.
  3. I don't have over 50 posts, but I'm on here every day and have been since 05. . .

    Year/Model: 2002 GT

    Mods: JLT RAI, PP Throttle Body, TrickFlow plenum, MAC o/r H-pipe, Flowmaster catback, eibach sportlines, tokico shocks, MGW short shifter, MT E/T Streets drag radials

    FI, NO2 or NA: NA

    60 foot: 1.86

    1/8 ET and MPH: 8.603 @ 81.29

    1/4 ET and MPH: [email protected]
  4. I haven't had time to work on formatting the list to fit the new updated forum....I'll work on it soon and get the times added.
  5. Times are in the sig...
  6. I can't seem to find the slips, but going from memory, my best run with my Cougar was [email protected] My 60ft was somewhere in the 1.85 range. Don't remember my 1/8th mile time or trap. The mods for my car are in my sig. Keep in mind as well, I'm clocking in at nearly 4,200lbs with driver.

    Found an old video from a [email protected] run from a couple of years ago. The car has since had the timing and transmission shift issues worked out to run the times noted above....

    View attachment 238477

    Wow Ron....that sucker is moving. :eek:
  7. Hey Brian..yea, that thing really hits hard for a daily driven street car. If he can get it to hook, what do think 9.90?

  8. Damn close I would imagine. It makes it that much impressive that the car is a convertible on top of it all. How are his ACT's by the end of the track. He must have some crank pulley on there to see 18psi on the boost gauge!!!
  9. 9.5 inch lower and a 3 inch upper. The plan is to drop the upper to 2.8 in a few weeks, or jump the lower up to 10, and get 2 more pounds. I will find out about the ACT...he pretty much ran back to back, since they rented the track. no waiting.
  10. I need to get around to working on the format again...with the ads on the side now It throws it off...I'll try to rmember to get it together this week
  11. 60'......2.1963
    1/8 MPH......80.31
    On 315 Sumi's!
    Only mods are Mac off-road procamber/2 chamber flows, C & L elbow.

  12. New best. I was car #450.
  13. Year/Model: 1999 GT

    Mods: 11.1 compression, JLT RAI, PP Throttle Body, rpm plenum, ford racing shorties, pypes o/r x-pipe, pypes catback, MGW short shifter,aluminum flywheel, 315-35-17 hoosier drag radials

    FI, NO2 or NA: NA

    60 foot: 1.84

    1/4 ET and MPH: 12.73et 108mph
  14. 1997 Mustang Gt

    MMR 900
    Stock Pi heads
    MPH Blower cams
    D1sc 13psi

    1.70 60'

    7.01 @101 1/8

    11.201 @124.8 1/4

    Have slips if needed i can scan them in TY

    Mid 10s next season :nice:



    YouTube - 97 BLOWN GT
  15. update, pass made 2-22-09. i would like to get out next spring and put on some et streets or slicks and some skinnies up front. this tank is hard to launch with 275 nittos and 490rwtq

    Year/Model: 2004 cobra vert

    Mods: 2.76 pulley, magnaflow xpipe and catback, jlt rai, afco h/e, HPP tune

    FI, NO2 or NA: factory unported eaton

    60ft... 1.976
    330.... 5.148
    1/8.... 7.756
    mph... 95.46
    1000.. 9.989
    1/4... 11.884
    mph.. 119.49

    vid from last feb:

    YouTube - '04 cobra at hrp
  16. Hey I actually have over 50 posts now!!! Figure I would go ahead and update this...

    Year/Model: 2002 GT

    Mods: JLT RAI, PP Throttle Body, TrickFlow plenum, MAC o/r H-pipe, Flowmaster catback, eibach sportlines, tokico shocks, MGW short shifter, 4.10's, mail order tune, MT E/T Streets drag radials

    FI, NO2 or NA: NA

    60 foot: 1.73

    1/8 ET and MPH: 8.41 @ 82.12

    1/4 ET and MPH: [email protected]
  17. Year/Model: 2000 GT

    Mods: 1.7L Kenne Bell NI, 8psi, 70mmTB, CAI, 3.73's, Nitto Drag Radials, bbk x-pipe, magnaflow cat back

    FI, NO2 or NA: FI

    60 foot: 1.981

    1/8 ET and MPH: [email protected]

    1/4 ET and MPH: [email protected]
  18. Keep up with the updates. Hopefully a user based database will be here soon. I'm lobbing my behind off for it. :D
  19. Year/Model: 1999 GT

    Mods: mark 8 aluminum block, p.i heads, 11.1 comp.ratio, jlt cai, p.p. 75 mm t.b., rpm upper intake, fidanza aluminum flywheel, spec stage 2 clutch, 31 spline and 4.10 geared rear, pypes o/r x and catback, motorsports shorties, slicks and skinnies

    FI, NO2 or NA: NA

    60 foot: 1.77

    1/8 ET and MPH: 8.01

    1/4 ET and MPH: 12.55 @ 108