the 408 lives!

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  1. Sounds hearty. I want to see some burn outs now.

    Hey, what headers are you running? I havent decided on 1 3/4" or 1 7/8" primaries for the 427, but I'm thinking since the most it'll ever see is 6500 rpm, 1 3/4" will be sufficient.
  2. that will come......just have to tune it a bit first! I'm on holidays this week so i should be able to get it running proper (efi can be a bitch to tune with 42lb injectors on a stock eec) My headers are Hookers i believe, they are small but they'll do for now untill someone makes a nice set in a larger diameter....that i can afford :D I may end up making my own, my buddy and i made a set for his 1000hp naturally asperated 413 cubic inch small block chev Monza Spider. They start out at 2 inch, step to 2 1/8th and then to 2 1/4! They were real fun to build.....not :notnice:
  3. I priced up a box of bends and 2 header flanges from Summit, and it was about $400. I just need to get rid of the strut rod assembly under there to make room, because I'm not building headers that run under the crossmember, they're going to snake down between the frame and bell.
    I dread the thought of making them.
  4. I hear ya! My buddies cost over a $1000 to build and another $400 just for the collectors! I'll send pics....not a fun job!
  5. Maybe since my motor will be a torquer, I can sneak by with some equal-length 1 7/8" shorties. Then just make up a 3" or 3.5" dia. H-pipe for it. :lol:
  6. hell, just make a set of zoomies! :D
  7. Zoomies sticking straight up through the hood, with a stainless flapper on each pipe.
  8. thats the idea! Make sure you send me some pictures! :nice:
  9. I'm having a hard time getting my idle to stay set. I'm thinking my Mustang 5 liter A9L computer and 42lb injectors aren't getting along :nonono: I'm taking a look at Megasquirt EFI with ignition control. Looks pretty cool.....and its way cheaper than any of the other aftermarket EFI untits!
  10. I can't help much with FI, I'm a carb dude.
  11. Just throwing out some ideas here.... isn't there an idle control sensor? I know at one point my 4.6L would surge at idle a lot and it was caused by the air density sensor being dirty and reading incorrectly.

  12. yes, it's called an IAC. Everything works .....i've checked, my injectors are just too big for my EEC to control at idle.