The 410 Is Coming Out Tomorrow.

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  1. The wife is really pushing me to get rid of the shell ASAP.

    Anyone who might be interested in it, please send me an email at [email protected] or call me at 240-277-6026,

  2. How much were you looking to get out of it again?

  3. Moderators: I'm not trying to make this a "for sale" ad.

    Kurt, I'd like to get 2 grand for it. I think that is a steal, but I'll take pretty much any reasonable offer at this point.
  4. At that price I'm tempted to buy it just to flip it. I have terrible luck selling anything though.

  5. I think I'll part it out as well. Look for a thread in the classifieds section ...
  6. I'm going to pass this thread along to some people. See if anyone is interested.

  7. thanks. some people are buying stuff off it as we speak.
  8. wow, the vultures are circling.

    the seats, the brakes and the transmission have already sold. i am up to $800 already

    i'm surprised no one has expressed any interest in the stereo or the k-member or the wheels
  9. dang, someone just bought the rear axle.
  10. heh and just a few minutes ago someone else said they'd take the driver's side rear window motor and carpeting
  11. holy crap this is almost funny

    another guy just bought the fenders and hood and front bumper
  12. Pulling the 410 might be easy now, as you could just disassemble the front end.
  13. That's great Chris, looks like you will be better off parting it out! Nice job!
  14. heh it was kind of like sea gulls fighting over a bag of fries!

    but the guy who bought the hood and fenders ended up buying the whole thing!

    so it is over and my wife is happy (at least for the moment)
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  15. the only thing he didn't insist on was the wheels. so i still have those. i feel bad though, because psychorugby wanted the brakes, and even sent the money already, but i couldn't talk the guy out of it.

    so i am making a public apology to psychorugby for having to back out of the sale of the brakes. i already refunded the money and kicked in an extra $20 for having to break the deal.

    sorry psychorugby.
  16. Don't even worry about it! I'm happier you sold the whole car than have it parted out like that. It was a great deal I couldn't pass up, but fortunately I'm not really ready for new brakes since the thing won't even start.