The Acronym Decryption Thread

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  1. Here are a few more for the tech list.

    PCM & EEC - Both commonly used to refer to the computer.

    OL - open loop
    CL - closed loop
    BAP - Boost-A-Pump
    TPS - Throttle Position Sensor
    ACT - Air Charge Tempature (sensor)
    ECT - Engine Coolant Tempature (sensor)
    EGT - Exhaust Gas Tempature
    A/F - Air/Fuel ratio
  2. FORD = Fix It Again Tom

  3. Er, uhm, lets see here:
    F%!ked Over Rebuilt Dodge?
    Move Over Pintos Are Racing
    Poor Old Ni%^er Thinks Its A Cadillac
    I think, lol
  4. what is PATS? ive seen it in threads, i think it has something to do with the computer thowing codes or the guage cluster
  5. SRT = Street and Racing Technology

  6. I believe PATS is the onboard security system that allows the car to turn on only when a key with the correct code for the cars computer system is inserted into the ignition system. IE The system that is supposed to prevent people from stealing your car when they don't have a coded key that matches the cars code.

    The actual acronym for it i'm not sure of, probably something like Passive Anti Theft System or something...
  7. PI - Performance Improved 99+ 4.6 V8
  8. PTW clearance?
  9. What does T/A mean?
  10. LoL......T/A means Trans Am. Someone fill me in if there are any more meanings for T/A, But im pretty sure thats the only meaning
  11. what is WOOT:shrug:

  12. Well, depends on if you mean "woot" or WEWT~!!!
  13. FMIC: Front Mount InterCooler
    didnt figure this out till last month
  14. t/a is not trans

    timing adjuster
  15. AMC as in gremlin. = all makes considered
  16. PTW = piston to wall clearance
  17. BTW , I always wondered what GTX stood for as in , plymouth belvedere GTX .