The Age Old Wheel Question.

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  1. Need additional opinions. I currently have OE Mach 1 wheels and I am debating between keeping them and sinking the $1200 into performance mods or possibly going back to black Bullitt's or anthracite FR500's...opinions?


    Previous Bullitts for reference
  2. I like the mach 1 wheels a lot. They are very sharp and not that common. The bullitt and FR500 wheels are everywhere it seems like. Having said that, do what you like the most. It sounds like this is discretionary money that you can spend as you wish, so do as such.

    I actually had 5 different sets of wheels on my 88 mustang during the time I owned it (stock wire spoke 14's, weld 14's, 16" ponys, 17" 5-star 99+ GT and 17" 05+ GT wheels). It was fun, and I usually ended up switching because I got some really good deals. I would have been perfectly happy if I had always kept the pony wheels though. Keep that in mind... reality is, most people won't see the difference and even for yourself, the difference will be subtle.
  3. I Like the FR500's. Here in Vegas you see Termi, Bullit, Mach1's, but I haven't another set of FR500's.

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  4. I am having a tough time deciding because I actually like them all. I am leaning toward FR's I think.
  5. Just got a set of staggered 18" FRs with BFGs. I haven't seen a car with FRs around my area in a long time. I don't even see many New Edge cars on the street anymore for that matter. The FRs set off my car nicely. I wouldn't hesitate if that's the way you are leaning. They can't look bad.
  6. ill tell ya, i bought the anthracite bullitts and was torn between them and the fr500's if i could go back and do it again, i would have bought the fr's
  7. Anthracite FR500s would look good, IMO.
  8. I liked the look of the FR500's initially but after seeing them on a few cars they are too "busy" for me. I had Mach 1 wheels on my old 96 and Saleens on my car now. I'm thinking of swapping the Mach 1's on my Saleen just to be different. Probably throw the S281 purists into a tizzy.

    FOr what it;s worth, if you have two sets of wheels to swap between now I'd use that money to add parts...just me throwing out that thought.
  9. I am going to get anthracite FR's, just need to decide between 17x9/17x10.5 or 18x9/18/10's...
  10. If your looking to add 13" rotors to the rears down the road, keep in mind American Muscle 17x10.5's will NOT clear. Can't speak for any other brand, just those. Not that you are, just wish I would've known that little fact before.

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  11. Even though you've already decided, I was going to recommend the SVE series 1 wheels are on sale now.. I'm really tempted myself to get them but I can't decide between those or the GT4 wheels
  12. Maybe I'm alone, but I think the black bullitt wheels with the chrome lip you had look awesome, and the best.
  13. Black chrome...
  14. 18x9/18/10's with the FR500's in my opinion. No matter the finish, they would all look good on a black stang LOL!
  15. 18s look very good. You wont regret it til its time to buy tires. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I spent under $700 on the wheels and about $1100 on the tires.
  16. Here's what ended up getting! Love it!

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  17. Looks good.

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  18. Looks good...
  19. FRs are a great looking wheel. Car looks good, man.