The Awesome 89 Mustang! Post Yours Here!

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  1. i realize there's allot of downplay of the 89 as the 25th anniversary.

    in addition to the awesome dash badge..

    it is also the first model year for the MAF that launched the 5.0 power boost and aftermarket we all enjoy!
    (ya i know about 88s in cali but thats cali for ya)

    anyway how many folks on here have an 89?

    my guess its one of the most popular fox ownerships here!

    post your '89!

    my 89 vert.JPG
  2. dragcar006.jpg
    My 89' Saleen from a year and a half ago in all it's dirty glory. It has changed a bunch since then. But that is a story worthy of it's own build thread, which hopefully will be started in a few weeks.
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  3. .

    .< Hmmmmmmmm. me notices for the first time that I want man bewbs :scratch: wtf?
  4. ^ @Noobz347 hmm you dont have an 89 :(

    EDIT: but wait you do have an 89.....
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  5. 2014-05-19 13.27.20.jpg

    My dad's 81 Firebird (was badass before it turned to a rust bucket) and my mom's 93 Firebird are in the background photo-bombing.

    I'm the only on who likes Ford, everyone else wants those new Camaros

    Edit: IDK how to work my camera on my HTC One M8, it always has super bright pictures in sunlight. Anyone know how to fix that?
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  6. I do. I'm selling it though.
  7. 89s baby! This is my 2nd 89 notch

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  8. Selling my '89 too. :D

  9. Yeah right!! Dibs:D
  10. surely you jest @Sharad and your car is awesome!
  11. Stang front pic.jpg
    Purchased new in 89,I really need to take another picture some day....
  12. Thanks! No, I really am selling it to pay for the 2015 5.0 I ordered.
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  13. I thought '90 was 25th anaversary?
    *EDIT* Went back and "did a search" via google.
    #1 There was no 25th Anniversary model. (The original dash emblem said "25 YEARS", not "25th Anniversary".)
    #2 That 25 YEARS emblem was installed on ALL models (GT and LX, and w/ 2.3L or 5.0L) from about late March of '89 through early May of '90.
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  15. Always been black?
  16. It's always been black, repaint about 3 years ago to freshen it up.
  17. Looks good
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  18. [​IMG]

    This is what it looked like back in 89
  19. @Sharad, I can't believe you are selling that car! You have such a long history with it. You will really regret i think, but it's your car.

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