The Awesome 89 Mustang! Post Yours Here!

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  1. I seen it :(
  2. epusehy5.jpg My 89 with a 2.3t swap. :)
  3. You saw it
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  4. sorry pal the that's the nyc in me
  5. That's the?;)
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  6. love the stance in this pic
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  7. heres mine nothing to special but i like it. i just need some lower springs and new wheels and tires fox7.jpg
  8. Stop it! It's mine! All mine! The car is already sold; we just haven't figured out the price and date of transfer, yet ;).
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  9. image.jpg
    My new 89 coupe. Pretty excited about it, more and more I try new things and I learn my love for old foxbodies won't go away
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  10. It's gone. Buyer picked it up today.

  11. What's the new plan? 15?
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  12. No new plan. In a two week time span, I had $12k worth of unexpected financial crises pop up, so the toy had to go in order to pay for them.
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  13. Sorry to hear that man. Sucks to give them up but there are far more important things
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  14. sorry to see this
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  15. LMFAO! yeah sure Chris you have a sweet fox btw hows it doing pics updates anything?
  16. I could send you pics of Germany, where I've lived for the last 5 years. My mustang depresses me and I don't wanna talk about it. But, on the bright side, I will be going back to Ohio, where the car is stored, and I will stay in the area without a job for a while. So, I hope that means I have an opportunity to work on it and turn it back into something I can be proud of.
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  17. Ohio will not be the same again
  18. Ohio will not be the same again
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  19. lol lol you must not be kidding madspeed

  20. its been so long i can hardly remember what your car looks like Chris i do remember i respected and liked it alot im really hoping the day will come when you can put some miles on car and enjoy her...maybe a little less power so theres more reliability? ....nah no way your goin for that lol
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