The Backstreet Boys Are HOTT!!!!!!!!

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  1. Who else is excited that they made a comeback? Well I am. My friends think it's gay for me to listen to them, but I don't care. I think they sound really good. lol I've been a fan since a little kid.

    But let me tell you something, girls like it. So currently I'm blasting that new incomplete song in my dorm. 2 girls have stopped by so far and I've gotten their numbers. Who knows, maybe it's just me. The Backstreet Boys ub3r rox0rz!11!!!!11!

  2. :lol: :stupid:
  3. Well everyone is different I guess. It's pretty cool that you can admit that you like the "gay" Backstreet Boys and don't care....most dudes who like them probably wouldn't do that.

    Again, we have to give credit to our resident pothead, Legalize420gt95, for being so blunt (pun intended :D) in stating his beliefs. :rlaugh: :lol: :D

    :canada: <----Where's Amsterdam's flag when you need it?!!

    Just ****in' with yall!

  4. :stupid:
  5. Yea i dont think ur gonna get many backstreet boy fans here, even if there were any they wouldnt admit it. I'll admit i like a couple songs but Im no fan of them.
  6. Just thought I'd add a little bit of a girls perspective in on this thread.......

    :lol: I really don't think listening to the Backdoor boys is going to get you any........ But whatever your perogative is go for it man.......
  7. hahahaha!!! i love you guys!
  8. There you go, with that queer attitude of yours.:D
  9. duck butter
  10. :rlaugh:

    Damnit I wish wyt chimed in here and posted that gay smiley of his.
  11. I'm pretty sure he'll chime in, he loves the BSB.
  12. N Sync was SOOOOOO much better than the back street boys
  13. haha if they were they'd still be together :nice:

    haha the bsb are so old now, all of them are 30+ except for Nick. But my all time fav. is Kevin!
  14. I like chinese food. General Tso's Chicken especially.
  15. Funny thing is, I was making that the other day while I was listening to the Backstreet Boys.
  16. That sounded so gay, bro!!:lol:
  17. Hahah Stallion... I have always liked the Backside boys!

    I think their sound is awesome. And Zach, In-Stink sings through their noses...Girls just like them more b/c theyre "hotter" and younger...Vocally, they got nothing on the Backside boys!

    Ill admit it, I dont care!
  18. You need to stop hanging around with you lil girls so much RC.:D