The Backstreet Boys Are HOTT!!!!!!!!

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  1. You will be back:bs:

  2. No I won't!
  3. Umm, I thought you left????
  4. I will be honest. I am responsible for all of my posts, EXCEPT FOR THAT DAMN TITLE. :fuss: lol And I'm glad that RC was man enough to express his true feelings about the Backstreet Boys.
  5. Holy crap, I didn't notice the title of the thread til after I posted. :scratch:
  6. :crazy:
  7. :banana: I got the body guard on MY side :banana:
  8. :lol: My post about n sync was bs, just wanted to stir up some chit with the back street boys lovers
  9. I have 2 Backstreet Boy CD's in my car at the moment....I used to like their sound till I realized that they all have the exact same beat....

    At least NSync has different styles to their music...I haven't listened to the new BSB CD yet, but I did see a video in which they're all wearing mullets and short t-shirts which leads me to believe that they're sell outs to the music industry...

    I thought I would hate Boy Bands ever since the New Kids on the Block stole the heart of my 5th grade girlfriend...I loathed those ****ers.

    But being secure about my masculinity, I can say I have no problems with listening to that kind of music..

    For the love of god I sound horribly queer!
  10. Oh you definitely deserve that smiley gayfight.gif
    I can picture you dancing in your room with the music blasting away NapoleonSpiderman.gif 4_1_72.gif

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  11. :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh:
    That spiderman just looks so queer.

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  12. hahahaha wyt you finally pulled through

    Thank you Aaron for admitting, I know ALL of these guys like them, it's just a matter of being secure of their sexuality.

    If anyone want's their new song "Just Want You To Know" I can send it through AIM.
  13. lol, fok that, i don't like that stuff. if i did, i'd say so, but i can't stand that "oh baby" sh!z from a group of grown men singing like they've had their ballz chopped off.

    that's just me...
  14. This is just flaming pink style gay.
  15. Manly things: camping, hunting, fishing, working on cars, non-light beers, backstreet boys, real bacon, stubble, metal, rock, mashed potatoes and gravy, racing, nascar, football, marlboro reds...

    There's something in that list that doesn't fit.

    I hope a mod sees this thread and changes your CTs accordingly.
  16. I think your the only one who said they were hott!!!!!:p
  17. WEll, I still think they sing pretty good...IM just waiting for a jumbo can of beer to fall out of the sky and land on my head!
  18. I swear if some Honda forum gets ahold of this thread I'm selling my car.

    Way to ruin our stereo-type. :p