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  1. Hello everyone, sorry to worry you all, but my hospital stay lasted a wee bit longer than originally anticipated.
    I just got home about an hour ago, I am well, but tired, fatigue easily....etc....
    Thank you all for your prayers and support and I am sorry I was incommunicado, but I couldn't get internet access in the hospital.
    Going for a nap now, will be around later......
    Love to all,
  2. glad you're well. i was just diagnosed with osteoarthritis and fibromayalgia so i knid of understand about being tired all the time and easily fatigued. anyway glad all is well and good to hear from you :nice:
  3. great to hear, keep it on keep it on
  4. AWESOME !!!!!!!!!
  5. Photographic Proof.............

    Here's a photo taken the other afternoon in my hospital room. I actually look pretty good here. Amazing what you can do with Photoshop to clean up a pic, eh?

    This next picture was taken around two weeks ago.......I felt A LOT worse then.....also look pretty cruddy too! NO BLUE FUZZ :(
  6. Good to hear bud.
  7. Great work BBFCM, keep it up.:nice:
  8. Really good to talk!


    Good to talk yesterday on my way home from putting the body on a Cobra!

    You should change your look now, let the beard grow, and become a double for another famous Long Islander, Billy Joel!!!
  9. Thanks Cheapster! It was good talking with you too!:banana:
    Two problems with the beard / B. Joel idea......
    1) My beard won't grow on the right side of my face since the radiation treatments in '00. (Note the big bald area on my neck and cheek in the pic above) :nonono: And....
    B) I'm not overly fond of B. Joel.:nono:
  10. Famous Yew Norkers

    OK, bad choice, just the idea that he is another famous Long Islander.

    OK, how about shaving everything like Sinead O'Connor?
  11. Keep it up Bubba........Deanna and Scotty might not recognize YOU bald!:nono:
  12. Or, you could get an OUTRAGEOUS blond wig like Dee Snyder of Twisted sister......
  13. :nonono:
  14. Maybe I'll just join the "Blue Man Group"....... :shrug:
  15. LMOA! Welcome back blue boy.
  16. Very glad to be back! :nice: Ya...truly BLUE, I'm hairless and the weather is getting COLD! and even the slightest chill really bites me to the bone!
  18. 6' 3" , 210#'s (down from 235#'s)
  19. 5'11", 175 lbs. Okay, you win. But I ain't blue.
  20. You would be if someone plucked your feathers!:D