"The Beast" is here!!!!!!!

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  1. I picked her up today.

    I hope everyone else is getting theirs.

    I have no idea how the people who waited 6 and 7 months survived.

    How can I shrink/ edit this picture to use as an avatar?

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  2. congrats on the delivery of a beautiful car. if you have editing software, you can resize your pics. mine has a "BEST FOR THE WEB" size....that works good....or custom make the size......
  3. holy moly what a gorgeous 'stang! congrats & best wishes!!!!
  4. Nice looking car! Funny thing is, I just went down to 5 Star Ford here in Okc and looked at a Sonic Blue GT. It was a coupe, which I like, but it had a tan interior, which I'm not crazy about. I know I'm picky, but I'm just waiting for the right car. Anyway, have fun. I'll bet the wait was worth it! :banana:
  5. You can resize the pic using the "Paint" program built inside of WindowsXp..

    1. Click Start

    2. All Programs

    3. Goto Accessories

    4. Scroll down to paint.

    Then just open paint, and open the picture inside.. From there, just resize the picture until Stangnet accepts the new size for your avatar.. I believe you need to make 25 post before you are allowed to post an avatar.. Which means you need to slowly tell us about your nice new car.. Congrats!! :nice:
  6. Thanks for the help. Posting in the talk area doesn't help the count. Maybe I need to go to the tech section and ask questionsthat have already been answered by other people quoting the manual (Which I have read cover to cover once so far). I would get flamed for repeats and manual violations, but I would have the cool avatar. :D
  7. Congrats on the new stang. Enjoy getting bad gas mileage. I'm still trying to break 18, but it is fun.
  8. Don't you know the rules on posting pix of verts? You must always include top down pictures.
  9. :lol: 300 hp and your complaining at 18? My GT is broke in and I average 19 in town, 23-25 hwy. Considering the HP, TQ and propensity to push down on the accelerator, I would think 18 is (as Tony the Tiger would say) GREEEEEAAAAT! Not bashing you at all :) I am just extatic about the mpg's. My 03 Silverado Crew Cab avgs. 11-13. I feel like I'm in a hybrid :)
  10. Is that a vista blue or sonic blue?
  11. I hit 18 on my last around town trip, but had much more fun getting 10 :D . Good gas mileage is for the other car, this is all about miles of smiles :D :D . I love this car. I had no trouble getting used to this clutch/stick combo.
  12. Sonic Blue
  13. that's a great looking car, ive been trying to find a picture of vista blue. i saw the sample but you cant really tell. congrats on the car and have fun.