The Best Tubular Gt 40 Ever!!

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  1. Yes

  2. Not so much

  1. So I just got my intake back from my buddy who smoothed out the ports and painted the upper and lower. Needless to say its the sexiest intake I've ever seen. Oh did I mention he custom made the top plate? Your thoughts? image.jpg
  2. I can't say I'm a fan of the top plate, but of the nicest looking intake ever. It's too bad their performance was never on par with their looks.
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  3. Man, I wish I had a picture of my old Cobra intake from 1996; it would make you cream your pants. I spent over 50 hours polishing it. You could take your picture in it.

  4. Always loved those intakes. Looks good!
  5. Is there a ding in the tube? The top plate is soso

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  6. Yeah that's a ding there's a few more that have since been smoothed out. I paid about 300 for the upper and lower and have about 350 in parts and labor. It's only expensive since I live in alaska. I had the opportunity to buy one that had never been installed and still bnib but I was out bid on eBay at the last second for 750
  7. That
    that's would have been a site to see. My buddy had offered me a polish on the intake but as nice as it would have been I knew they require a bit of up-keep
  8. Looks awesome, not too plane and not too over the top.
  9. That top plate ruins it. Best thing about the GT40 intake is being able to see the tubes. Rest of it looks great, the plate looks like poo
  10. Best looking intake ever made, love the tubes. Take the cover off.
  11. Very nice, I want one so bad but never seem to have the money when one comes up forsale.

  12. 350 on labor for what? Once it's on the car you can't even see the lower hardly. As for the upper, it looks like an all original one that someone cleaned. Sounds like you got taken man :( And the people above are right, take that plate off asap. Looks chinsy.
  13. Are they raining on your parade or what? It's your intake so you can do whatever you want. If you like it, that's all that matters, period.
  14. I think it looks ok. The top plate needs some corner rounding done on it (see attached pic), but its not too bad. The tubular GT40 in my opinion is by far the best looking 5.0 intake. Congrats. You'll be the one drooling every time you open your hood. So ignore the haters.