the better car?

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  1. Okie this kid at my school has a white dodge steath es it is auto (92) and i have a White auto 2000 mustang and i have this white car club started its called the 3 phantoms this kid comes up to me every day and braggs about how fast his car is any he could smoke my stang at any given time so i'm thinking about asking him if he wants to give it a go @ the track but i only will race him if i have a chance........where do i stand? i think the steaths es is putting out around 215hp or so....what do u guys think....?
  2. Both cars are turds. Why dont you try doing a little research online to find stock quarter mile times for both cars and comparing the E.T.'s and trap speeds. is a good one. Then that way you'll have an unbiased point of reference about the cars instead of having a bunch of people just saying, "oh yeah, you'll beat him," or, "well it'll be a drivers race." You'll be back where you started.

    FYI to everyone, before making these posts, do a little research on the net, that's what it's for.
  3. And could you please punctuate?
  4. some kid down the street has a red one, we raced... i won

    my car also out cornered his :D
  5. This kid at my school has an RT10 viper, and he always rags on me having a v6 mustang and he talks about how fast his car is. we are going to race to settle it once and for all, do you guys think i have a chance? I tihnk it'll be a drivers race.
  6. do you have 4.10s? you should be able to stay with him up to 5 feet off the line if you do.

    Anyways, there's this kid down the street with a Big Wheel and he's always ragging on me cuz I have a v6 Mustang. You guys think I can take him? I have an auto if you need to know.
  7. Was this a joke :shrug:

    Strap on a 225hp wet nitrous system and a set of 4:56 gears and he may look at you a little funny :rolleyes:
  8. If you have to ask, then you need to get your common sense re-adjusted.
  9. if i remember correctly the stealths in base model autos are like 16.5-17.0 cars thus your stock auto v6 is gonna be in the 16.0-16.5 range so it will be a drivers race he will definatly not run off and leave you if both cars are stock and you both drive right, in a street race reaction time is critical at the track it doenst matter the clock dont start until you start to move from the starting line.

    i would get out of the gay car club thing.... once you grow up and get out of highschool you will see how stupid it was to begin with.
  10. I don't know about you guys, but I think car clubs are gay. well at my school at least they were. There was one car club and everyone drove ghetto ass cars.
  11. Hey you know know these days :D Besides a RTViper isn't the fastest car on the block and with some thought and some real money a V6 stange could take it :nice:

    Heck I took a plain Jane one with a 63' Chevy truck back in 98'. I used a older 010 350ci block bored .060 over making it a 360ci with Keith Black Hyper flat tops. The heads was 461 casting double hump ( flat tops made compression at 10:25.1 I think) cut out to hold a set of manly 2.02 vavles plus ported and polished blah blah. Anyways the N/A motor was dyno at 455hp full exhaust and 500 ish open exhaust. With street tires and the ole granny gear 4 speed it ran a 13.7 1/4. Then we droped in a TH-350 with a extra clutch on 3th gear and a B&M Pro shifter. It was never ran at the track or dyno after the gear box swap but it lost about 50lbs and gained more response through 1-2. The last things it ran against and one was a 98' S.S. and a 98-99' Viper ( non RT model)
  12. well, i wouldnt put it past some parents to buy their kid a viper
  13. yeah why won't my parents buy me a viper? oh wait its cus i'm not a spoiled rich basterd...
  14. heh, and they tell me im spoiled because my parents bought me a v6 mustang, whatever, viper? youve gotta be kidding me, thats just an accident waiting to happen.