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  1. Well, rather than clutter the Longest Thread Evarrrr with my constant ramblings and blog-ish details, I figured I'd hop on the bandwagon and start a project progress thread of my own here. So, here's the tale thus far:

    Traded a morbidly obese dude my '86 AOD GT 'vert (with 195k miles) for this: an '84 5.0 LX hatch, AOD with shift kit, CFI ( :ack: ), black with porno red interior, with 89k documented ORIGINAL miles on it. :nice:

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    Interior's been done a bit here and there. Driver's seat was swapped out with a second passenger-side seat, paintjob was switched from factory silver to black with some metal-flake in it (not the best paintjob, but better than my Rustoleum finishes thus far), a couple of interior panels were painted to match or to be touched-up for wear, dash pad is white (and still cracked), and so on. Car was left sitting in this dude's driveway for about a year because he couldn't seem to figure out why it was overheating; the fact that it has a fixed flex fan with absolutely no fan shroud probably wasn't helping things, at all. :rolleyes: Further PO mayhem includes some wires here and there underhood that've been hacked and crimp-connected, vacuum lines disconnected and/or rotted everywhere, a short belt routed to bypass the smog pump and A/C compressor, missing top to the overflow/washer reservoir, almost straight water being run in the coolant system, ghetto-rigged battery terminals, and a frickin' Honda battery used to crank it over. Wow. I have my work cut out for me.

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    Things that I've thus far fixed/replaced:

    1. Radiator fan belt (weird shorter non-stock length, too ... 88.2")
    2. Metal fan w/clutch (too small - need to swap to a bigger fan to fit the shroud better)
    3. Fan shroud (from a Mark VII, I believe - was too wide, had to hack to fit, need a proper one in better shape)
    4. Thermostat (195*)
    5. Full coolant flush/refill (block, radiator, and heater core)
    6. Window handle reattached on passenger's side
    7. Driver's side door lock actuator rod reattached
    8. Ignition switch replaced (contacts were worn - would immediately shut off if you let off the key too quickly when starting, or if you bumped it)
    9. Scraped paint overspray and crap from windows (thanks, Frankenstang! :nice: )
    10. Capped off loose vacuum lines that went nowhere and were sucking air straight into the manifold
    11. Rigged up a crankcase breather tube to the air cleaner with new hose, an elbow, and a fresh filter

    Other than a planned CFI-to-Carb Conversion and a swap to true duals in the future, my list of near-future needs:

    1. Driver's front parking lens (missing) and bulb
    2. Scrape/sand/whatever remove paint sprayed over license plate light lenses
    3. Replace burned-out bulbs everywhere (headlamps, backup lights, etc.)
    4. Get the stoplight switch working properly (I'm thinking it just needs a washer to hold it properly in place with tension)
    5. Vacuum/clean the holy hell out of it, MAYBE give it a bath
    6. Remove faded-out and warped/bubbly window tint from hatch glass
    7. Either buy hatch lift struts or get a better prop rod to hold it up
    8. Get a proper fan and fan shroud on there (busted-arse incorrect shroud on there now, with an undersized fan)
    9. Heat riser connections for intake (stupid smog nazis will fail it for it, I'm sure)
    10. Air cleaner-to-fender connections (not so much a need as a want)
    11. Patch exhaust leak(s) that make it sound like a friggin' pickup truck
    12. Change fuel filter
    13. Total Seafoam douche treatment
    14. Oil change
    15. Throw in some kinda radio/speakers
    16. Fix idle speeds and/or clean IAC valve
    17. Clean out EGR valve
    18. Proper battery with new terminals and tie-down
    19. Paint headliner (or lack thereof) to match
    20. Replace/Fix horns
  2. You got a dash carpet?:drool:
  3. That does not look to be an official "The Club" brand anti-theft device :nono:
    +1 on the dash cover :drool:
  4. Meh ... "The Club" sucks. Too easy to defeat. I'd prefer one of those pedal-locking deals, but I've never had $60 to blast away on a couple of 'em (one for the '84, and one for Stinky). This one's a so-so medium. It's better than nothing, anyway. :shrug:

    Dammit, I'm dead in the water until I can come up with some kind of a stoplight switch bushing. The original one's gone (probably destroyed and discarded), the Ford dealership and the boneyards are closed, and thus far I haven't been able to rig up anything to work. I could order the whole bushing, washer, switch, and hairpin from 50resto for like $22 and wait a week to get it, but that'd be overkill; the switch and all is fine, I just need that frickin' black nylon bushing that essentially just makes the rod off the brake pedal fatter so the switch sits squarely on it.

    Dammit ... I was lookin' forward to driving the thing this weekend... :(
  5. Should be an awesome driver with all those bugs worked out !
  6. Well, the brakelight switch issue is now fixed - I had to add a spacer/shim of sorts to make the old switch work again - but it got hot again on the way from where I had been keeping it on over to my place, a trip of less than 10 miles. It didn't heat up as quickly this time, which is good, but it's still getting warmer than I'd like to see it. An EGR bypass hose decided to spew its juice all over the backside of the motor, so I'm going to have to hose that down to get rid of the stink and repair the hose. Don't know if the leaking hose, itself, was the cause of the overheating, or if the overheating caused the hose to pop (probably the latter), but whichever the case, it needs more attention.


    1. Brake light switch


    1. New radiator (I'm pretty sure this 1-core POS is clogged full of corrosion and rust)
    2. EGR bypass hose
    3. Pull ALL plugs, double-verify all plug wires are in good condition - it accelerates smooth but has a slight miss at cruise ... could be ignition, could be vacuum, maybe a sensor, I dunno... :shrug:
  7. 22242G.GIF
  8. Dave im sure you will not want to hear this but I keep thinking maybe you have head gasket issues. When the gasket blows in the right spot it will pressurize the cooling system. I hope im wrong.

    If you have an overflow tank normally you will see bubbling in the tank as the system starts to get pressurized from the exhaust then it will make all the hoses real hard and it will overflow the coolant tank. This happens in a short time period.
  9. +1 That is too short of a drive to start spewing like that unless its a head gasket. I too hope to be wrong but everything now is pointing that way :(
  10. Well if it is a head gasket, at least it's not your dailey driver. Still sucks but at least you can fix it on your own schedule.
    Other than that, nice find! No more flimsy tops to contend with.
  11. True. A head gasket's far easier to change on one of these than an EFI motor because I don't have TWO intakes to pull off. :D

    Borrowed the fan and shroud from Frankenstang's Capri, capped two more loose vacuum lines I found, bypassed the EGR coolant thing (I really don't see a point in having one on a CFI motor since it's not mounted behind the TB like on an EFI motor), capped the nipple for the bypass on the driver's side (3/8" hose with a bolt stuck in it secured with a hose clamp), I and pulled the thermostat out completely. Still gettin' hot at about the same rate. Didn't boil over this time at the 3/4 mark, but it did start spewing towards the back of the motor again ... this time because I stupidly forgot to tighten down a couple of hose clamps off the heater core. :doh:

    Sooooo, next up is a radiator - this thing's begging for a 3-core piece, anyhow, and the one that's in there is corroded and full of rust, anyhow, so it's getting one dropped in, regardless of whether or not that's the cause of my overheating. If that doesn't solve it, it's going to sit until I can gather all the necessary other bits to do the carb conversion and everything all at once ... maybe some E7's if I can find a cheap set, since I'll be taking off the heads, anyhow. :shrug:

    I'm not ruling out a head gasket yet, but I don't have any oil in the water, nor any water in the oil, and the exhaust isn't sweet-smelling or showing ANY smoke of any kind. :shrug: Still has a light stumble from takeoff because I don't have the vacuum lines routed correctly just yet - I've just been replacing leaky/broken ones and capping lonesome dangly-doo's as I find them for the most part, so far.

    BEHOLD! Pics from today after I gave it a quick hosing-off and a quickie vacuuming-out...

    View attachment 311838

    View attachment 311839

    View attachment 311840

    View attachment 311841

    View attachment 311842

    View attachment 311843

    Whoa ... first car I've ever had where you could see a reflection of the air cleaner on the bottom side of the hood. :nice:

    View attachment 311844
  12. something's missing. hmmmm

    I got it, it needs a skull and cross bones somewhere.
  13. WOOOOO black pearl FTW

  14. Feel free to fedex me that breather if you don't want it :D
  15. nice! :nice: cant wait to see what you do to it.
  16. Aye, but she will have to earn it, says the Cap'n. YAAAARRRR!!! :D
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  17. ^ bad asssss
  18. Yeah, planning to put that on the nose, since there's already holes for a plate to be mounted there, anyhow. I'm thinking this used to be a California car. Need to run a Carfax on it sometime and see...
  19. Are you actually going to keep this one for a while??!?!?! :rolleyes: :)
  20. I hope he does.
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