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Wasn't a pretty sight...and I've got big hands
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Mar 2, 2015
3.73 gears are the most common swap in the 8.8. Ford might not have put them in a production mustang but Ford performance had those gears flying off the shelf for years.

3.73 also came stock on the 2013 Boss and Track Pack mustangs.....then available from 2015 and up.
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Apr 3, 2021
Saudi Arabia
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Hand Brake Issues. I drove to the spot where I do my daily walk, and upon parking the car and engaging the parking brake, something snapped. The hand brake is just useless, no resistance, fully engaged it was not doing anything. I moved the car a little, to check beneath it to see if something had come off and fallen to the ground, nothing did.

This morning, after watching a few videos (remotely related, not many videos on parking brakes for Foxbody's), I went ahead and removed the center console, which revealed its own set of issues (more on that later). I proceeded to tighten the nut on the cable, which felt like it was pulling and there was some resistance there, but nothing was happening when I pull it, the parking brake was not engaging. Loosening or tighten the nu0 does not do anything. This to me meant that the problem was elsewhere, probably involving a new cable, some hardware and work underneath the car, added to the list.

The center console upon removal and inspection, was cracked in a few places, and missing some hardware, and no holes for the bolts to hold it in place in rear portion. I do not think the console can handle installing an arm rest in its condition. Added to the list.

Rear view mirror is now installed, using the old hardware, and it feels good to be able to know what is going on behind me :)

I am also working on refreshing the chromed part of the wheels, some scratch removal, light sanding and polishing and they should be fine. I am about two or three weeks from ordering the upholstery in the correct color from Classic Industries, along with a few items for the engine like gaskets and what not.