The "CAI" is NOT a "performance" modification.

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  1. Sorry for nitpicking here, but I have now seen too many signatures which list a cold air intake as a perfromance modification. I think too many people have been sucked in by advertisements boasting false gains. Recently I was looking on the UPR site and noticed they too have there own brand of "CAI" and are claiming a 20HP gain from there product. I just feel this is blatant false advertising...there is absolutely no proven information to support any performance gain going from a Stock box with free flowing panel filter to the so called cold air set up. I infact have seen first hand these CAI products wreak havoc on MAF readings and need to be changed out to stock hardware to correct the issue. Yes they look nice, but I think in order to save those who are new to our hobby from wasting 100-200 in hopes of a productive modification the truth should be made available so a balanced decision can be made regarding the product.
  2. I felt a difference with my dense air charger.Mr. Demolet who makes them got a 12hp increase using a stock motor..cai + 75mm maf.
  3. 100% Agreed.
  4. I agree. I own a mustang, my brother owns a mustang, and his roommate owns a mustang. All foxes, none of us run CAI's. I just have a big old BBK air filter, (not as good as K&N i know...) I dont think they help performance at all. Definitely no 20 hp gains.
  5. I don't see a 12HP gain from any intake inlet..the air flows far too quickly inorder for the air to experience any true significant temp change. The stock box is a cold air box if you look at it..and in NO way does it restrict air flow to the engine...flows more than adequate volume to feed an N/A 302. Your not going to see a 12HP increase from any N/A air inlet set up due to air charge temp. Ram air systems MAY provide some gain..but only at significant vehicle speed, and again not due to air charge teimp.
  6. He's got the dyno sheets to prove it.
  7. I look forward to seeing..scan exactly does one cool the intake temp enough to create such significant gain..air travels from the filter to the intake as such a rate that no chrome plastic configuration would serve to cool the air THAT significantly.
  8. The AFM pipe adds power.
  9. Easy big guy!! Im not saying anything about cooling,"you" are!! I do know that the tubbing is "alot" larger then stock,and it uses a big cone K&N filter.. I have a few extra pieces,the unit is actually tuneable..Set up in different positions it "does" perform differently..But being plastic it does help out in the summer months..
  10. On a forced induction aplication I could see it, but air temp from fender to TB with any N/A setup the CAI is still taking air from as stated fender to the TB..the distance does not change air the speed that air is travelling should not change. Forced induction involves both density and volume of air..CAI on an N/A changes neither...the stock air NOT a bottleneck for the intake system. As stated I have seen and heard of the bend in the CAI creating turbulance providing false readings to the MAF, and open in bay filters experience "fan wash" turbulance also creating false MAF readings.
  11. AFM also makes an N/A Powerpipe which works.
  12. Blah, Blah, Blah.:rolleyes:

    Post the dyno sheets please.:D

    I personally can't imagine 20hp from a CAI. But, I can also see how an increase could be realized. Maybe more from smoother airflow, than the cold air affect. I will wait to see dyno sheets to make my decision. Also please post what other mods had been made to the vehicle, and any important dyno specifics like ambient/underhood temp of each test.

    I will still hesitate to think that 20hp can come from this mod, but keep in mind that just like any test the results can be skewed if the test is not conducted properly.

    Also, how is it that a CAI can cause erradic MAF readings as described? I have not heard of this before and am curious as to how the CAI affects the MAF.
  13. Nah,it does affect the air temp!! If air moved to fast to be affected then why does iceing down your intake work?
  14. who says signatures only have PERFORMANCE mods??
  15. the only CAI's that seem to do really well are the ones with that snail-lookin thing attached to them. i need to get one of those. :)

    seriously, i agree Derek. :nice:
  16. thanks.
  17. i was sucked into it when i first got my car, and i paid waaaaaaay to much for it, now i just like it cause it looks good IMO
  18. I agree.

    I have one for sale now too. :D
  19. Power pipes? The shorter ones that go into the first hole in the fender? Who sells those?//And where?