The "CAI" is NOT a "performance" modification.

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  1. if a cai isnt a performance upgrade, then neither is a k&n in the fac box. I do think its stupid having a filter in the engine compart.
  2. Ya well I think its stupid to expose the filter of all the road grime and ****. LOL.
  3. well that settles it, im getting a roof mounted intake on my car.

    oh yea and tons of nnaaaaaaaawwwwzzzz
  4. This thread has almost out of control.

    I Like the was CAI's look. I am planning on getting one with my new intake just for the looks.
  5. I think your an idiot DMAN, first off, dont go assuming someone paid big bucks for their unit. I picked up a brand new piece for a whopping $35. Whether it works or not it really lights up the engine bay.
    Secondly, the Cold Air is in reference to getting air outside of the engine bay which is cooler. If your sucking in cooler air through a pipe that is smoother and has less bends than stock, then you are making more power. I have seen Hot Rod install a CAI on a Mach I and then dynoed it, and it made more power.
    Thirdly, though maybe not helping out much on a stock engine in some cases, using the stock tubing is retarded if your running a 347, 351 or especially a 408. Those engines will demand more air and a CAI is going to allow more air to flow.
    Lastly, sometimes a CAI is required if your running a larger MAF or throttle body because the stock tubing wont fit over the larger designs.
    Oh yeah, one more thing, some people build motors for looks too and the stock intake isnt going to go well with a polished up motor.
    Companies cant make false claims because its illegal so why dont you go sue them because you are so right. Eventhough you havent even tested your theory yourself, go right ahead. Somehow they made those numbers whether you believe it or not. I'm not totally sticking up for the companies, but I'm just saying, they cant lie.
  6. Hello smockdoiley person..nice to meet you, sorry you think I'm an idiot..really I do. However I have 12 employees, and 300 companies whom I deal with that would probably disagree with you on that one.. ;) . Anyhow my opinion is just that, my opinion..based on both friends and my own experiences. I have installed CAI units on freinds vehicles and have seen the results..or lack of I should say. You can go with insults if you like, but as seen previously several others have agreed and provided information that supports my theory. Fact is..pertaining to the BBK\Mac style cold air induction units..they don't perform as advertised..and THAT is my issue. Now for the anderson unit some well regared people have used it (Rick91 as one) and have found good result with it, but NO ONE person has provided any valid info that a stock\mild moded stang has installed the popular fendermount\open element CAI with any benefit. Thank you for you time...and perhaps you should spend less time on you vehicle and more on your people skills.
  7. SmockDoiley - No need to call names...I don't think you got the point of DMan's post...he wanted to establish that the cold air intake in itself (he was referring to the Mac/BBK kits, for example) are not a real "gainer"...

    sqeeegg - For 8 pages it's doing "alright"...

    I AM CANADIEN - Are you talking about the fenderwell kit (exposing it to road grime)?
  8. LOL!! :rlaugh:
  9. IF you can PROVE that a company is making a false claim, then they can be hit for false advertising.
    If you're going to make an attempt at accusing a company of false advertising, the burden of proof is on YOU to disprove their claims, not on them to back it up.

    Notice their specific marketing approach "Adds _UP TO_ 20+ horsepower!"

    Up to, lets think about that for a moment. That means anywhere from 0 to 20, or more. So no, they are not actually giving any guarantees of performance improvement. Therefore they cannot be hit for false advertising, as they make no guaranteed claims.

    "Somehow they made those numbers whether you believe it or not"
    I believe they made the numbers, with a pencil and a piece of paper.

    Never forget, there is no such thing as a company in the buisness of making horsepower, they're all in the buisness of making money.

    The first and best way to make power, is knowing what you're doing, not buying parts.
  10. Most of the CAI claims I've seen are related to replacing the stock airbox/silencer/paper filter. I believe there is a gain to be had there -- but on a mild 5.0 (300-350HP) it won't be much, if any, different from simply removing the silencer and replacing the filter in the box. Because the stock air box IS a CAI.
  11. :stupid: Very well said.
  12. Shonoff, great avatar!

  13. Theres a vid floating around of a dyno before K&N and after, and 17rwhp was gained off the K&N on a 03 cobra I think.
  14. think i may have seen that. But we are talking about 5.0's here. IMO though, if your goin for looks, get a cai, but If your just lookin for some horses cheap, a k&n in the stock box cant be beat. their both better than the stock paper filter and all, but I dont think either is better than the other.
  15. Seijerou, you are wrong. They dont just pull numbers out of their ass and write them down. Somehow, they made those numbers on a dyno. Like I said before, Im not totally sticking up for the companies. I'm just stating that they made the claimed numbers. In the same way Car Craft pulls junkyard 350s and makes 500 horses for like $1500. Can it be done, yes. Can everyone do it, and will every 350 do that, no. But sitting here stating that CAI is worthless is still stupid in my opinion. He obviously didnt read my whole post. I'm sorry I cant pull the mag out of my ass and scan it on here. But I'm sure you could look it up on or go look for the issue. It wasnt that long ago. I love it when people assume that just because they didnt see it, it must not be true. Your the one making these stupid claims, so you go back it up. I dont care how many employees you have. I think Donald Trump is an idiot, and he has more money than god so stop tooting your own horn. Your ill informed. Your sitting here saying that the pipe doesnt get the air cooler. No crap, like I said before, the Cold Air is in reference to pulling colder air from outside the engine bay.
  16. SmockDoiley - Many think of the cold air intake is also the kind that has an open air filter in the engine bay. Just because it has that "cool" pipe:shrug:

    I believe the numbers were made but it wasn't on a clean elemented air filter on a 5.0L...I believe a couple of the Jeep (Grand Cherokee's I believe) have some pretty restrictive air filter boxes and tubing. In that case I believe that is where K&N FIPK get's their 26hp gain from one...

    I don't think Donald Trump is an idiot:)
  17. ohh great, i bought one for my car :(

    anyway, i didnt buy it for the claimed 2000hp gain....nor the bling effect. i bought it for the easier removal than the oe box for spark plug changes, the increased intake noise, (same reason imma pull my hood insulation) and the better throttle response.....the look is a side benifit.

    fwiw, my CAI on my 02gt gave 2lbs of boost, and 23hp at the wheels....
  18. Ohh, and I wholeheartedly DISAGREE that DMAN is an idiot.
  19. Out of this whole thread *THAT* is the only thing that make since to me!!
  20. in summary to these 8 pages: a CAI on a stock motor will gain you 1-2, maybe 3hp. on a mildly/heavily modified you may see 5-10hp. on a supercharged motor its between 10-20hp, sometimes more depending.