The "CAI" is NOT a "performance" modification.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by DMAN302, May 3, 2005.

  1. make since,,or made sense :D
  2. Here's an article that shows otherwise:

    3.5 RWHP gain over a K&N panel filter.

    I went from a totally stock intake(paper filter with silencer) to the Moroso kit and definately noticed a gain. It wasn't mind blowing, but noticeable. Picked up 1.5 MPG as a bonus too. :nice:
  3. willys1 Unless I misread something? Let me clarify my statement then. I agree with what nosmatt said and that being that DMAN is not an idiot.

  4. Thanks for the kind words nosmatt and with MOST every aspect of life there will be opposing opinions, some will chose to put forth their ideas well, while others will choose less tactfull methods to express themselves. Companies are advertising 20+ hp gains for a product that just doesn't deliver..I didn't like it..I stated my opinion. I will admit to wanting to purchase a CAI myself in an effort to enhance the overall look of my engine compartment. Fact is though IF I do decide to purchase one it would be KNOWING its true purpose..appearance over performance. If you've had the fortune of seeing the bays of ALMOSTSTOCK and STANG22 you have to admit the inlet looks GREAT in place, and if appearance is the goal then this item is definately a fine addition. I stand by my original post though..the CAI is not a performance modification.
  5. Well here I see it..then it MUST be true sir..
    Sorry if I came off as if "tooting my own horn"..but you did refer to me as an idiot..I was just putting forth reasons as to how you may be incorrect as to your reference towards me earlier. Thanks for your support..
  6. You will never convince someone that you are correct if you first insult their intelligence.

    "Somehow, they made those numbers" That is one of the issues. Are these companies making more power by intentionally skewing the data during dyno testing? For example what is the engine temp of the comparing runs. Was it the same for both? Of the testing I have seen there is very little documentation. Basically, can the test be reproduced with the same results in another lab by other personnel? Also, as mentioned in an earlier post, what vehicle was the testing done on? This will have a huge impact on the results.
    I have seen some questionable things in Hot Rod (which is why I no longer subscribe). Just like other mags they exist to sell mags and sell advertising. Advertising is where the money is made. If Hot Rod can post great performance numbers for a product, then that company will be more likely to continue to advertise with them.
    On a lighter note, Why do you keep your old mags there? Sounds painful if you read alot of mags.:nonono:
  7. Wow, I can't believe this topic went 9 pages.
    CAI's are right up there with underdrive pully's as far as I'm concerned.
    You pay over 100 dollars for about 5 hp, (20 hp increase is just good old American marketing) and that is peak hp under the right conditions. I'm alway's basing on them both but I guess as far as a return on investment goes, I paid close to 2000 bucks for 100 hp with my blower so I guess the ROI is the same.
  8. OK...I got to page 5 and didn't bother with the rest...The real question should be...What is a better setup...the fenderwall location of the MAF (stock) or using a conicle filter (under hood) location?
  9. my "cai" is a downpipe off a dodge turbo diesel pickup, on the end of that is my MAF meter and then my k/n filter. total spent: $0 the pipe was free from a friend. and i welded a bracket on to attach it to the strut tower to keep it from banging around. now another friend spent almost $200 on a bbk cai for his 88 GT. guess whose is faster..... :D
  10. i didn't read all 5 pages, so maybe someone already offered this..... have you ever heard of sound resonance, if you tune the length of the cai tube as well as the diameter the sound waves will actually allow the air to flow better... i'm not an expert but it makes sense to me, i have a ho ho honda :rlaugh: accord and added an AEM cold air intake that you can hear and feel the difference in performance. companies wouldn't waste there time making the damn things after all these years if they didn't work.. You might think the consumer would catch wind of the fact it doesn't perform?? As for a 20 HP gain, i don't think so, but your throttle response def. improves. Oh, I also had the K&N cai on my 5.9 Dodge ram, and it made an incredible difference on throttle response and fuel economy.. Made the exhaust tone sound alot better too!
  11. its not a waste of time for these companies to make unworking products, because most people still buy them, spelling big profits for the makers.
    food for thought.
  12. And lets not forget that removing any restriction to the air intake tract, whether it is removing the screen ford put over the MAF or putting a straight piece of aluminum pipe in place of the crinkled stock hose with 90* turns (on 94\95) will make an improvement in performance.
  13. LOL,,I havent seen this thread in awhile!! Glad you agree :nice:
  14. Like said above, it's not considered a waste of time if it doesn't do anything. It's concidered a waste of time if it doesn't sell. These companies are not in the buisness of making horsepower, they are in the buisness of making money. Alot of us know there is a placebo effect to doing mods. Once you do your CAI, and run your car up the street, you "feel" the gains. More often than not it's only because you want to. On other cars, yes CAI's may work wonders, but this thread is talking about CAI's on 5.0's specifically.

    18mustangs, it's not quite that simple. The intake tubing is part of the intake tract that's furthest away from the motor. If you have a restriction that's close to the combustion chambers, say the lower intake. Then it doesn't matter how big, tuned, polished, whatever, you make everything before that point. The air is only going to flow as much as the _biggest_ restriction will allow. You can have 10 different restrictions in your intake system. But the only one that actually matters is the one that restricts the most.
  15. Step away from the crack pipe friend.

    Heck no! they wouldn't trick us just to take our money :rolleyes:

    Die thred Die!
  16. :rlaugh: LOL,,,hey,why do ricers hang out on stangnet? :shrug:
  17. I can't believe you guys were all mislead by the advertising. The cold air intake doesn't give you the 20hp gain, its the sticker you put on the car that gives you the gain. Jeez guys, why else would they come with the kit.
    :D :rlaugh: :lol: :D :rlaugh: :lol:

  19. Who the hell started this thing anyways...
  20. In responce to...
    I suppose you (L8 MUSL) don't believe in the purpose of tuned length headers either? The principal is the same. Car manufacturers spend millions in R&D doing just this very thing.