The "CAI" is NOT a "performance" modification.

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  1. Oh My God! This is the post that wont die. Well I'll tell you DMAN has me about convinced that my cai is nothing but a lookin good piece. I have the k&n panel and all my stock stuff. I wonder if i can send it back to bbk and get my monies back if i can prove it is no improvement over stock? Will that article that you posted do it DMAN?
  2. equal length headers are beneficial, because then there is a constant flow of exhaust through the collector, because of the firing sequence of the cylinders. On an untuned head, the pulses just get in eachothers way and slow down velocity.

  3. Or wash and wax it and there will be less air drag on the car :D .
  4. Racing gloves to ensure good grip on the shifter...faster exact shift=better ETA.
  5. Why dont you just take a sh !t befor you drive?

    Thats free even....
  6. I prefer the gloves..I wear them all the time...even wearing them now... :nice:
  7. Really?
  8. Ok guys, It called a Cold air intake, not a cooling air intake , or a inductive air intake, or air from my ass intake. .. the idea is to isolate the cooler ( note I said cooler not frozen or chilled) intake air from the high ambient temp under the hood right near the headers, of course its going to improve the performance. Now I know the stock config has a cold air intake, thats what the hole in your fender is for, why would ford do that , for looks, I dont think so , cuz that big filter box is not so pretty.. Now someone said that some CAI can affect the MAF reading, hemm , I calling BS on that one. :bs: you know how it works right, sampling air mass thru a tube and air temp across the wire.."turbulence" is not going to change the mass of the air in the sample tube, or how much voltage is required to maintain temp on the wire element.

    Now, understandibly , some are upset at the outragous claims from OEm and aftermarket manufs. that you can gain 20 hp , well Ive seen that too, and yes its BS. But maybe some of those who are upset , are the same ones who bought the CAI witht he hopes of a 20hp upgrade and you are prolly feeling pretty raw b/c you only got 5-10hp. But dont go blaming all CAI's for either your gulliblity or the manufactures major over statements.

    Now I will concede that not all CAIs designs are equal, Some dont even isolate the intake air , from the engine temp. some of them are made from all alluminium and act as a heatsink for the headers right below them,
    Now Ive seen some made from fiberglass or some compsite that are great, they dont actually transfer heat. but they are like $500-1000. Again something Ive learned over and over, YOU get WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

    Now back to the point, Yes they are a performance upgrade, granted the the stock design was a CAI too, it a had a bunch of crap in the way, besides the horribly retrictive elbow bends and the flat pannel filter. But with the proper CAI you can match it to the correct diameter of your MAF so you get even less turbulence,,
    just remember the pipes that dont go into the fender and stop in the engine bay with huge ass filter, are not cold air intakes..

  9. Sorry to disagree but I just can't let this thread die that easy...5-10HP from the BBK/MAC style CAI...NOT going to be happening.

    Oh and as for Blueoval..yes really! :cheers:
  10. THIS is the thread that never ends...
  11. You have got to be f'ing with me now , Did you actually read the whole post,
    I know it was long, but you do understand I was being just a little sarcastic, but you honestly think that going from a very restrictive stock filter box CAI system to one that has just a smooth tube and a filter sticking thru the fender is going to do nothing, I mean come'on, even controlling oil windage from the crank assembly saves like 5 hp. WTF

    And what exactly are disagreeing with,
    Also I dont recall specifying any particular brand or style, so coming at me with the BBK/MAC 5-10hp statement was really of no consequence to this debate....

    Maybe you know someone I was referring to in the third paragraph.. :)
  12. Y-You spelled my name wrong...HOW COULD YOU!


    Ill go get my gloves now!

    Wierd.... :shrug:
  13. No,this thread really needs to be closed.
  14. I give up

    I thought you were just messing with me, then I looked at your site. You actually have a modified GT, with the stock filter and intake assembly, not only that, you painted! I give up.

    too each there own ...

    I do like the car, nice and clean. especially with the canadian winters.. :cheers:
  15. BlackBaer says "hemm , I calling BS on that one. you know how it works right, sampling air mass thru a tube and air temp across the wire.."turbulence" is not going to change the mass of the air in the sample tube, or how much voltage is required to maintain temp on the wire element. "

    You're mistaken BlackBaer - the flow of air across the meter - turbulent or otherwise - can DEFINITELY affect the accuracy of the meter's read. Changing the air box out, or altering the path of air into the meter with different piping has screwed up many an idle, and impacted drivability; at worst, some cars will barely run when the meter read is inaccurate due to changing the inlet piping configuration in a way the meter wasn't calibrated for.

    In the spirit of this insane thread, I must call BS on your BS. Forgive him - he knows not what he says.
  16. I guess I can put my .02 in now since everybody else is. I put underdrive pullies and a CAI on my 95GT. Dyno before and after.
    196rwhp (before) and 215rwhp (after)
    Now I don't know where the 19hp came from but I am willing to bet that I didn't get 19 additional hp from JUST my pullies. But, like I said, just my .02
  17. You're going to get the variables speech... :D
  18. Did you install the pullies and the CAI during the same before/after strap down session on the same day/same dyno/same operator/same temp/same barometric pressure/same humidity Steve?
  19. ...that would be the variables speech....
  20. I just ment that his logic was sound... :D
    Anyway there is many examples of using resonance tecnology in cars and headers are one of them, flowmaster mufflers uses it to "pull" exhaust through, even ford used a tuned length "CAI" on their 5.4 liter in trucks to attain a specific sound they were after. Thats all, didn't support or decline any h.p. claims, not trying to engross myself in the malay. :rolleyes: