The "CAI" is NOT a "performance" modification.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by DMAN302, May 3, 2005.

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  3. Geesh, you step away for a day and it gets all wacky(er).

    sorry CrazyCobraguy, it's not the same thing and now we know who picked up that pipe :rolleyes:

    Hey I know, lets strap a tuned length header onto the intake.
  4. The 'tuned' factory intakes are designed that way to REDUCE intake noise, not to enhance flow. While the theory (Heimholtz resonance - Google it, you'll learn a ton) is the same for tuned length headers, and tuned length intake runners, the application is entirely different.
  5. In todays new appreciation for high HP cars Im surprised there not coming from the factory with power pipes :shrug:
  6. "Power pipes" -- another marketing term. Today's cars are quite sophisticated all the way around. You'll note that the performance guys are having a harder and harder time improving on the factory bits. The new Corvette is giving them fits -- very difficult to find any additional HP with the traditional bolt on bits.

    Besides - the factory doesn't just focus on HP - they've got to balance that with emissions, fuel economy, making it buildable, holding up to keep warranty costs down, and keeping overall costs of the product down. The fact is that you have to bump the HP way up for one of the large diameter 'power pipes' to be an improvement over the stock Stang air box with the silencer removed and a flat panel K&N installed. Even the Fox bodies were factory equipped with "CAI".
  7. No, I don't have a CAI I use the much more effective HAI... :D
    Oh and oldsmobile tried that with their early quad 4 engine, the header for a intake thing, it netted them 210hp from a 2.4Lt(I think), Which later had to be reduced in hp because they could not keep head gaskets in it.
    I agree its not increasing flow, it certainly is not reducing noise either (in the 5.4lt example). It was designed to enhance the engine pitch to sound more appealing for their target consumer. Thats just a fact. :shrug:

    Why am I being put in position of defending CAI? I only said the guys theory has merit not that these manufacturers are applying it. I mean gees they're more looks than performance.
  8. I know,,,,,,,,,,,yeah but putting a K&N in a fox body stock air box actually gives you an improvement.."Not so" with the new stang!!
  9. :D Try throttle plate nitrous injection:D
    there's a guy down here that's running that on his Z06... and hasn't lost a race yet. a fat 200 shot at full throttle will spin your sox! :banana:
  10. A local guy I know here just got a Procharger on his 03 zo6 - dynoed at's semi-quick :p
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  12. got me on that one, I'll go hit it again maybe i'll clue in a little quicker... :rolleyes:
  13. Everything was done on the same day. I got her dynoed before anything was done (196rwhp) then I got the mods put on then it was strapped down to the dyno agian(215rwhp).
  14. Steve - I've seen a 10 rwhp difference just from tightening up the hold down straps differently -- no other changes. Unless you make the changes without unstrapping the car and don't change anything at all (and hopefully it doesn't warm up while changes are being made) -- then you comparing the before and after numbers isn't really an accurate read of what the changes caused.