The "CAI" is NOT a "performance" modification.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by DMAN302, May 3, 2005.

  1. I dont give a dukey I like how it looks!!!!!
  2. Ah see this is why I decided to post this topic..I would LOVE to find a product that works over my stock system..but would have to be proven. I will take a look at the AMF, but I'm still cynical. Since going from a 65mm to a 70mm TB yeilded no gain in terms of performance for my vehicle I can stand by my statement that the stock inlet provides more than adequate air "volume" for a 302 N/A set up.
  3. "Gain Up To 20hp From One Of Are Cold Air Induction Kits!!!"*

    *A 20hp gain was reliezed on a 5.0 mustang with a sandwitch bag over the stock +100,000mile airfilter, compared to ours w/ K&N filter
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  6. They do work,they may drop the temps down maybe 10 to 20 degrees depnding on the material and size of the tubing,which is a solid 5-6hp.
  7. I agree that a CAI isn't a great performance mod, but i also don't see anything wrong with putting it in your signature. There isn't anything wrong with being proud of something you put on your car even if it just makes your engine look nicer. I guess everyone has to start somewhere.
  8. I would enjoy testing this "snail" intake your speaking of...does anyone have one of these laying around..I would love to try one. Thanks JT for the support, I just love stirring it up now and then. Fact is the "standard" CAI like the BBK/MAC/UPR is nothing more than a company ass grab to take advantage of the unknowing..I think the false claims stink..just not right. Perhaps as stated the AFM inlet works, but I just don't see any "true" gains to justify the price.
  9. I for one think they look FANTASTIC..if not for worry about problems it MAY create with my cars performance, I would in no way be opposed to having one in place. Hell your talkin to the guy who purchased the billet hand brake
  10. so what about a wing.. that still adds HP right? or was i lied to again? damn ricer friends
  11. Yeah,,I just happened to have some of his dyno sheets lying around, :nonono: ,,Im not the one in disbelief,you wanna see,go to his web site and SEE :D I said "12",not 20!! Plus some of that 12hp is from the larger maf!! I cant see 20 either!! Although I see some big gains with the svt Cobra'!!
  12. Here is your Dyno Graph for all you non-belivers.

    Or just ask Rick 91GT .
  13. Of course it adds hp silly :p

    Its placed on the back so its superior to thous "front" engine modes because you get instant rwhp,skiping the normal front hp gain and giving you only rwhp.

    :D :D
  14. A K&N Cold Air Intake is worth a few psi on 03-04 cobras and they net big gains... I say they are a modification. Especially for the price we pay, they better be considered a modification.

  15. whew... glad the previous owner did the "wing swap" for me :nice:
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  17. None of my comments were meant for any one person. :D

    I pose the challenge to everyone (both believers and naysayers), to post dyno sheets. Otherwise old wives tales will continue to prosper, turning us all into dumb ricers:(
  18. I agree that a cold air is mostly just a show piece. However there is nothing wrong with listing it as a performance mod, Id bet even the worst cold air kit is worth one or two HP over stock just because of the free flowing filter.
    I personally skipped the cold air and added a replacement K&N filter, I dont list it as one of my mods, but it did drop .10 and added 1.5 MPH in the quarter mile.