The "CAI" is NOT a "performance" modification.

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  1. I'll find out what I run E.T. wise when I get my lower intake/rear main seal leak fixed :nice: My mph is good for a 12.2-4 with dr's...FYI.

    I can add more mods if you want...:shrug: What do you think?
  2. Yeah it's about time for you to do mods that are worth something for a change :D
  3. Huh!! I thought you had DR's (nitto's) :D With alot more practice,you mite see mid 12's..I know,,I know,,,you go to the track all the time :rolleyes: But being a spectator doesnt count for experience!!! Dude,,all kidding aside,,buy some Hoosier Quick time Pro's :nice: They hook like theres no tomorrow :nice: Hell,pay for shipping and I'll give you mine,,there only half dead!!(alot of life left) Then you will see what your mods and your driving can do!!!
  4. (those numbers were examples). The principle holds true.

    Believe it or not, but each bend (even the smallest one) adds flow RESISTANCE. This is expressed as equivalent loss length.

    I was installing an industrial de-ionizing system at work. I had a choice between two 45degree fittings or a 90 fitting.

    Each 45 elbow had a 2.3ft ELL. Total ELL = 4.6 ft.
    The single 90 degree elbow had a ELL of 4.4 ft.

    You would think the the gradual change in flow direction (2x 45) would equate to less frictional losses. Nope.

    I ended up using a sweeping 90 degree elbow with an ELL of 3.7ft The determining factor in ELL is pipe diameter, material composition and radius.
  5. CAI=for show

    enough said!
  6. why the **** do u care?and why is there a big thread on this?
  7. i had a stock 96 aod mustang,thats couldnt even spin the tires form a stop,then added a cai and i could roast them for about 1 obviously it does something
  8. The 96 is not a 5.0 nor does it have the same stock intake that we're discussing here.
  9. i dont give a ****,it proves that it obviously does something.and in the title of this it says nothing about on a 5.0 motor it jus say cai is not a performance mod
  10. Easy...

    Now if you look at the top of the sub-forum page it says 5.0 TECH :D
  11. o really,i didnt know that.a cai does do something
  12. Now you know:nice:

    I didnt notice anything from the cai's...
  13. i was being sarcastic,i have to click 5.0tech everytime to get in this discussion board.and it dosent really matter if you have noticed anything.

    stock stang-no peel outs
    cai stang-peel outs

    now stop being stubborn and admit it is performance.if it can make a stock stang that couldnt roast em,be able to roast em,its performance.i dont care wut kind of motor or wut kind of car,it is a performance no stang professional or anything but its dosent take much to realize this.
  14. wow, this is good. keep going I want to see you make more of an idiot of yourself
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  16. IMHO if the CAI didn't make an improvement over a stock box / tubing setup then your engine combo pretty much sucks...

    Flame away...

    Stock box design to get air from the filter to the TB as cheaply as possible without allowing inlet noise to be heard at WOT or 55mph driveby testing.

    CAI's allow inlet noise (some quite a bit) and allow the motor to breath as much as the 3" pipe can feed.

    The whole MAF pickup / metering argument is whacked as well. Depending on the low speed efficiency of the combo (motor, etc) has a lot to do with how much air the MAF is going to sample at low speeds. The whole idea of clocking the MAF is just basic tuning (get's a little technical for the catalog reading hot rodders out there).

    Regardless, if your combo doesn't run better with a CAI vs a stock box it needs some help.

  17. I think when the guy got 12hp more it might of been the 75mm maf that helped him more but the air filter might of helped him because maybe his old one was dirty. Ive worked with factories that have done dyno testing on filters to see if they help out and believe it or not the factory one flowed the best except for a plain piece of foam that was better. They did the testing for the racing program they had. As long as you get "colder more dense air" in the intake it doesnt matter what type of system you use.
  18. Yes but that was a new filter compared to an OLD filter.

    It may well have given you a performance boost, but and this is the point EACH make/model of car is different. Even different states of tune will affect the outcome of such an addition.

    A CAI certainly has the POTENTIAL to increase performance but it does not mean it will on every application.

    In your case it appears so, but without conducting tests on a back to back bases with a fully functioning good order 100% effiicent factory setup there is no way to know whether it was the CAI that made to difference of just the fact that you replaced a dirty filter with a clean one.

    On a slightly different note, if the stock setup of a car is restrictive and you dramatically increase the air flow then you may need a tune up to see any gains, and it may even lower performance until such a time.

    Many of the 05 GT lads have come across this with the drop in filters, they either see:

    a) no gain at all
    b) a light loss in performance

    This is mainly due to the ECU being very sensative and even for minor changes requiring a re-tune.
  19. diponyou5.0 - Your on the verge of being banned:)

    Was all the variables the same when that car "roasted 'em"? Same weight in the car? Was it on the same pavement? Same tread on the tires? One second of spinning is not roasting them...I'm not sure what cars your used to...but good luck.
  20. So the truth comes out.................:p