The "CAI" is NOT a "performance" modification.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by DMAN302, May 3, 2005.

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  3. What exactly was the point?
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  9. Best CAI thread EVER! lol
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  11. So is this argument over gains from a CAI or whether or not it's a "performance" mod? :shrug:
  12. By itself, I'd say that it's not a performance mod.... in combination with larger meters and TBs.... sure. It's a mod.
  13. It's just a mod, nothing more nothing less, and if you can gain 1-2 hp so be it is how I've always looked at it. But you'll never convince me you'll ever gain 20 hp, not even under the best conditions.
    Oh yeah and if you’re wondering I have one for what ever that is worth.
  14. The lithium is not working...
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  16. Basically the whole idea of the thread is to shed some light on the insignificance of the CAI kits on a 5.0.
    There's alot of hype about CAI's, and as demonstrated by this thread, there are alot of people out there who don't know any better.
  17. Tis true. My latest puchase of a CAI is to facilitate the installation of Lightning mass air meter. The reason I went with a more expensinve jet coated piece is because yeah... it's purty. :) (otherwise I could have just done some ABS plastic something or other)
  18. I believe it breaths alot better then stock,thus producing more power!! On an n/a 5.0 no,,I dont think its worth 20hp :nonono: But I believe it will add a few ponys and torque over stock!!! :p
  19. Cai

    I don't know what you are talking about I got 50 RWHP from my CAI :rlaugh: yeah yeah I know but it looks good! :nonono:
  20. I don't know about alot more, but that aside.
    Even if it has more flow potential, that doesn't mean you're going to make more power.
    The engine sucks air, just like you do when you inhale.

    If you had to inhale through a straw, and then upgraded to a paper towel tube, breathing would defanently become easier.

    However, your inhaling through something the size of, say 3 inch diameter PVC pipe isn't going to be any easier than inhaling through the paper towl tube. Because, you aren't inhaling more air than that paper towl tube can readily flow, even though obviously the 3 inch PVC pipe has more flow potential.

    Unless you actually make the lungs bigger, you don't need the big piping, it does nothing.