The Cheap(er) Alternative To Cobra Brakes

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  1. @jrichker asked me to post what I found about 13" Cobra front brakes -

    If you go to rockauto(dot)com Select Ford, then 2003, mustang, 4.6l supercharged, brake/wheel hub, then caliper, it brings up their selection of calipers and hardware.

    AFTER CORE CHARGE, it appears as if the front calipers and hardware are ~$46 each/ side, and a set of front rotors and pads are $92.

    I'd also like to add that you can buy reman parts you know are in better condition than what you see on the classifieds for about the same price, I was looking into rear disc conversion and the prices aren't bad. You can also buy 5 lug conversion stuff for a little more, but you know it's in good shape.

    The ONLY thing I noticed about the Cobra parts is they don't say "COBRA" on the calipers. For me, I couldn't care less as long as the performance is there.

    Hope this helps, I know @madmike1157 uses the site, I've had good luck with them as well.
  2. Its amazing how much those brake parts have come down in price over the years. Makes me happy cause I hate 4 lug
  3. I have been looking into the same thing and its not just that easy. Sorry

    You have to make sure and get the calipers that come with brackets too, which the cheapest is $51 per. Without the brackets there is no way to install them. Also what are you going to use as a core charge?

    Then the really costs come into play:
    Balljoints (if you use fox balljoints they are too long for SN95 spindles and will have to use washers or put in new SN95 balljoints)
    93 cobra master cylinder (stock one will not handle the needed pressure and be very squishy) $60-100
    master cylinder installation kit (the new master cylinder will be a 2 port not 3 port) or you have to make your own $20-35
    brake proportioning valve $43
    brake lines that connect to stock hard lines or you need an adapter $85 from MM

    The costs add up quickly... but please prove me wrong because I would love to do this for cheaper.
  4. You are entirely correct, I was just comparing to the $699 cobra kit sold in the catalogs, which appears to be calipers, hardware, rotors, and lines.
  5. Bought every single piece for the conversion from RA. I did know to look for both sets of calipers w/ bkts, but they weren't that much more. IDR what the total was, since it has been over 8 months since that purchase, but I got the front calipers, BJ's, rotors, and hub bearings w/ ceramic pads. The rears were bought later, but I did buy Cobra junk for that as well. (calipers, bkts, rotors, ceramic pads) The only thing you'll have to remember is that the rear calipers require a taller caliper mt. bkt. if you are going to convert that as well. And there are evidently two different COBRA bkts w/ different offsets to consider.

    As for what to do for a core,...I had a set of 03 calipers that I used. I know its' low down, but the red car donated it's fox calipers for cores.

  6. I need to get a set of 94-95 spindles. I had wondered if they would accept my 99-04 spindles as a core.

  7. Honestly Joe, I think that as long as it's made of iron, aluminum, or steel, they don't even look.
  8. I'm seriously debating doing this. The only thing holding me back is weight. GT brakes are heavy. The cobras I installed last night on my 85 roller for the new owner weight 50 lbs per side with the struts on too. It was ridiculous